Smoky Cloud effect by #PhotoLab hits Instagram and Facebook

Facebook and Instagram folks just adore this purple cloudy effect by #PhotoLab. We have no idea why it is SOOO popular, especially in India, but it’s a fact.

New trend: purple cloudy effect by #PhotoLab
Purple cloudy effect: before and after #PhotoLab editing

Today this super-viral effect got us TOP📈 and even #1 rankings in several countries. The doubtless leader by the number of installs is India, where Photo Lab has become #4 in all categories on the App Store and #1 in the Photography category on the Play Store. Just imagine, #PhotoLab is 4th in the whole Indian App Store, right after WhatsApp, Youtube and Facebook! In other countries affected by the trend the app has reached TOP 10 to TOP 1 rankings in all categories.

How all this happened? We can’t be 100% sure, but here’s what we have found 👇

At the beginning of the year 2017 we launched combos in Photo Lab and placed them in the Inspiration tab. Combos are combinations of several #photolab effects, applied one by one to a photo. This gave users much more space for creativity, and someone in India made this iconic combo for Photo Lab’s Inspiration tab. Then some magic happened, word-of-mouth did its work – and the purple cloudy effect is booming in India and many other countries.





we couldn’t but notice this meme with over 10K likes 😂:

I'm the only one who have not used Photo Lab yet


If you make a search on Facebook by #photolab tag you’ll see loads of purple clouds 😝

And here is how Instagram’s #followingthetrend hashtag looks for the moment:

Search by #followingthetrend hashtag in Instagram


We’d love to know why this effect hit it big on social media, so if you have any ideas, please share them in comments 🙏

One assumption is that Indian people like everything bright and colorful, and the smoke is traditional for Indian culture with its oil lamps.

Traditional things of Indian culture


By the way, we are thankful to everyone who posted their photos edited with #PhotoLab filters and we hope they enjoyed playing with our app.

We also believe that this trend will drive awareness of Photo Lab app throughout the world and more people will get access to awesome photo effects and add their inspiring combos to the collection.

Want to follow the trend? Download Photo Lab for free and head to Inspiration tab. We bet you’ll find your fave 💜!

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