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Female friendship photography. Tips and tricks for girlfriends photo shoot

Do you believe in female friendship? We do! No doubt, you have the best friend and share crazy, enormous and bright friendship. Are you always together, taking lots of funny photos with both of you and enjoying your time? Then pay attention to this article which is devoted to girlfriends photo shoots. We hope that […]

Salt your Sky photos with special effects

We couldn’t help sharing this list of Pho.to effects with those who tend to raise their camera up and capture the sky above, leaving pretty little space to the land, houses and trees. Here’re 10 color and lighting filters to style up your sky photos: 1. Generally ‘Bokeh’ is known for blurring out-of-focus areas of […]

Your Guide to a Perfect Autumn Photoshoot

Colorful state of streets and parks inspires! If a single look out the window makes you long for going out and take a couple (of hundreds) of shots, this post has reached you right in time. Don’t miss the chance and let our tips and hints help you in getting the most out of your […]