#NewProfilePic’s Royal Connections

We had no idea about it for some time but look who is sporting our hottest profile picture design (so far) on his Instagram account? 👑

Yep, believe your own eyes, we have Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (popularly known as Fazza) among our #NewProfilePic users. He has been the Crown Prince of Dubai since 2008 according to Wikipedia.

A person of so many talents definitely can’t be wrong, right? As those millions of users who literally fell for this effect earlier in May this year.

Sure your attachment to this very yellowish profile pic design is totally understandable, it belongs to our personal faves too. However rumor has it we update the range of styles often. Which is not a rumor by the way and we release new arrivals on Fridays.

How about making it a habit to meet you there every week? 😉

Introducing Story Drawing

We are beyond excited to launch our new feature in Photo Lab and ToonMe apps!

Meet Animated Story Drawing Mode that shows the transition between the original version of your photo and the picture with effects applied. Let everyone enjoy watching your photo quickly, but smoothly turn into a cartoon or a drawn version of yourself within a few seconds.

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Photo Lab: answering the questions from Ukrainian users

The position of the Photo Lab app in Ukraine has skyrocketed (#1 at the very moment) in the last two days on both the App Store and Google Play Store. All thanks to the flag-based combo a lot of Ukrainians and their supporters use to express the sense of unity and aspiration for peace.

As the interest grows, a great number of questions have been hitting our support inbox regarding the origin of the company and app behavior. We’d like to spread the light on most of them.

A note for our English-speaking users: the rest of the text in this post is written in Russian. Just because the users it’s targeted at are very much likely to speak Russian and we’d like to do our best to lessen their concerns and bring a bit more calm in this time of hardship.

Thank you for your understanding 🙏

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Follow Your Art… All over the World!

WOW! 🎉 Our two most popular apps, Photo Lab and ToonMe, have been going viral in many countries for a second week in a row now! 

The buzz started with ToonMe becoming #1 app Overall on both the App Store and Google Play in Romania 🇷🇴. Photo Lab, in its turn, hit #1 Overall in both stores in Dominican Republic a week later. 🇩🇴 Soon afterwards, North and South America stepped in and joined the fun!🌎

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Looking back into 2021: Evolution of our AI algorithms 🤖

The Photo Lab team (together with smart AI technologies up their sleeve) have been working hard all year to deliver the best of photo editing experience to every mobile device user! Let’s look back to 2021 to highlight what has been done!

Sensational 3D toons 🎉

We all remember how ToonMe skyrocketed overnight at the very beginning of 2021 and became #1 Photography app in more than 30 countries. Special AI-driven algorithms inside the app made turning photos to cartoons a possible mission for anyone!

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Amazing art combo winning the hearts of Africa!

(rankings info updated on November 29, 2021)

True art is something that can reach people’s hearts all over the world! 🌍🎨 We are happy to see that one of the Photo Lab filters (sophisticatedly called ‘Even Better Than The Real’) has gained popularity in a number of African countries almost overnight! 🙌🏿🙌🏻  

  • 🇲🇱Mali, 🇳🇪Niger, 🇬🇦Gabon, 🇧🇫Burkina Faso, 🇧🇯Benin, 🇳🇪Senegal, 🇲🇷Mauritania are the first on the list – Photo Lab has reached #1 overall on both iOS and Android in all these countries.  
  • In 🇱🇷Liberia and 🇬🇼Guinea-Bissau, 🇬🇲Gambia we are #1 on the App Store.
  • 🇳🇬Nigeria and 🇬🇭Ghana have joined them on Google Play.
  • Other countries where Photo Lab is hitting Top 10 include 🇨🇩Congo, 🇨🇮Cote d’Ivoire, and more.

This amazing style combines an AI-driven cartoon portrait and artistic watercolor background, so it is definitely worth a try with your selfies, too! 😎

Meet amazing full-bodied cartoons from Photo Lab!

Summer is finally here! If you didn’t get your body ready for summer, don’t worry! Photo Lab is here to offer you something really awesome 😎 Our much loved cartoon and vector portraits have now become even more fun, unique and… full-bodied 🕺

Meet matching body styles to be used with your favorite cartoons! As always, they look hand-drawn and totally toon-tastic! Feel free to scroll through Photo Lab Feed and play around with different combos to create your unique results in a variety of styles!

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