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Easter is Coming. Make Cool Greeting Cards and Learn Some Funny Facts about Easter!

Did you know, that… 120 mln cards are sent, given or exchanged on Easter in USA. There is no Easter Bunny in Sweden. Instead, their kids wait for Easter Wizard to come! 60 000 year old decorated Ostrich eggs were found in Africa! Easter and Halloween are holidays that people with sweet tooth like best […]

Pho.to Lab for Android welcomes spring with april showers and may flowers

Everyone seems to be tired of winter with its snow and ice. No one wants to wear winter headbands anymore or gets excited seeing a snowflake. Spring has come and it’s time to finally replace the Seasonal effects in Pho.to Lab for Android. Hope that you’re as glad to see the change as we are!

Pets Photography: а Short How To

Sometimes taking pictures of your best friend in animal world is not easy. Here are a few simple tips on pets photography to help you get the most of your photo session. These rules can be used by beginners and starting pros and are easily applied to any kind of camera.