ArtLook: Your Photos, Reimagined in Any Art Style

We were wondering what else we could offer you, our beloved photo editing enthusiasts. And then it hit us – ArtLook! So let’s dive into what it is and how it works.

This artistic baby uses a mix of seriously advanced tech called generative AI and style transfer. Sounds fancy, right? That’s because it is!

Our generative AI, which operates based on text prompts and powers all our features, works in tandem with style transfer technology in ArtLook. This collaboration doesn’t just create a new image from scratch (which generative AI can do solo); it recreates your portrait in a specific drawing style. How?

Style transfer takes the visual style from one image and applies it to another. Imagine a Van Gogh painting, with his distinctive brushstrokes and colors, or a vibrant Pixar animation filled with lively and colorful characters. Style transfer extracts these stylistic elements and blends them with your portrait. The result? Your face, reimagined in the style of a famous artwork or animation.

Pick your poison (your style, we mean)

Of course, we’ve had our fun experimenting with this amazing technology, creating a variety of templates inspired by famous visual stories, popular artists, and beloved animations. Styles from these sources are embedded into our pre-existing templates, including special themes dedicated to Star Wars, Dune, and Avatar (all four nations!). You can enjoy them, but now we want you to have fun with this super tech too!

ArtLook lets you create your VERY own masterpiece. Just scroll down the page and first, you’ll see designs crafted by other users—get inspired by their creativity! Then scroll a bit more, and you’ll find a button labeled “Create Your Own Art.” There, you’ll need to upload your portrait along with an image that captures the visual style you want to replicate. This reference image will largely dictate the scene of the newly generated photo. But once you’ve got your AI-generated masterpiece, you’re not stuck with it. Want to add a unicorn or some sparkly stars? Go for it! Edit the prompt text to refine the scene and make it truly your own.

ArtLook offers you the freedom to explore creative styles. So go ahead, embrace your inner artist, and turn your photos into something that’ll make your friends say, “Wow, where did you get that done?”