DreamLook hits ToonMe: It’s cartoon time!

Yo, Toon lovers!

Big news: we just dropped the DreamLook tab into ToonMe! This feature, already celebrated in our Photo Lab app (more details on this here), is set to bring a full-scale Toonageddon. We’re elevating the art of cartoonification with cutting-edge neural network technology, bringing you closer than ever to your animated alter egos.

Now, ToonMe’s DreamLook is where all the cool cartoons hang out. Join the toon elite: take a magical walk with Totoro, have crazy adventures with Rick and Morty,  lead the pack as the cute Boss Baby, and much more. Beyond iconic characters, DreamLook unveils a vast world of animation styles for every taste. From sleek and modern to warm, classic, and nostalgic sketches, there’s a style for everyone. But it’s not just about animation – discover art styles inspired by the Renaissance, the relaxed vibe of watercolors, vibrant pop art, and much more. These designs are exclusive to ToonMe, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else!

So, what’s the vibe? Pure cartoon chaos and creativity like never before! DreamLook in ToonMe is where all the fun’s at, with styles for every mood, from old-school cool to way-ahead-of-the-curve. Stay tooned! There’s a whole world of artistic exploration waiting for you.

Valentine’s Day: from Photo Lab with Love

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Photo Lab is here to spread love to you! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re getting ready for this lovely day filled with hearts, hugs, and, of course, plenty of love cards. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right words or express your feelings to someone special. In Photo Lab, you can create customized love cards that speak volumes!

Choose from our lovely designs or let your creativity run wild and romantic. Add animations, effects, and personalized messages to make your valentines extra special. What’s more? DreamLook in the VIP tab now offers an exciting addition: alongside a variety of AI romantic styles for individual users, you can feature both you and your partner on AI-generated Valentine’s Day cards!

Choose an appropriate style from the collection, upload photos of two different users, and surprise your loved one with personalized artwork or simply indulge in the dream of seeing yourselves together in romantic settings. Whether you’re planning a romantic date night, looking to express your love and appreciation for friends and family, or just photo-treating yourself (because self-love matters too!), everything you need for Valentine’s Day is right here in the special tab at the bottom of the screen in the Photo Lab app. Get ready for romance, because actually, we’re head over heels for you 💘

Visualize your 2024 goals with Photo Lab’s #DreamManifestor challenge!

We’re thrilled to launch the #DreamManifestor challenge! Turn your resolutions and goals for 2024 into stunning visuals that inspire and motivate you to achieve them.

The New Year is like a fresh start, filled with hopes for reaching our goals and becoming better in the coming year. It’s a time for reflection on the past and setting new resolutions. But this year, why not take your aspirations to a new level? You’ve probably heard of vision or dream boards, where people visualize their goals, believing it aids in bringing them closer to reality. With Dream Manifestor, you can generate custom AI images that show you in the moment of achieving your aspirations. Print and pin them to your physical vision or dream board as personalized motivation. Imagine looking at beautiful art of yourself achieving what you’ve always wanted!

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Even more (advanced) styles in DreamLook

Hey there! Let’s talk about the new star feature in Photo Lab.

Our latest breakthrough, DreamLook, represents a leap forward in AI editing technology within our Photo Lab app. It offers a spectrum of captivating and trendy themes, including realistic-style photos and stylized images featuring you in the spotlight. What’s more? DreamLook generates three images for each theme, giving you a variety of options to explore. This innovation ensures a top-tier standard of quality and realism: users seamlessly integrate into their chosen themes with an unmatched level of detail. Unlike LookLab, you won’t have control over choosing hair color and length. This technology works by seamlessly incorporating your photo uploaded hairstyle, ensuring your face smoothly fits into the generated pictures, resulting in a more cohesive look. 

We’re just getting started with our diverse collection of themes and styles. Right now, you can dive into the gaming universe, transforming into a Dota 2 hero, roaming the streets of GTA, battling it out in Fortnite, and much more. Take a stroll down our AI Fashion Week runway where you can flaunt unique, one-of-a-kind outfits created by the AI. Embrace this new form of self-expression in the digital era!  

If we happened to miss a style you’ve been dreaming of, fear not! After all, it’s called DreamLook – сraft your own unique look using AI or explore the creations of fellow users. Don’t forget to share your arts – it’s always awesome to see what you come up with!

Celebrating Christmas and embracing winter in Photo Lab

Hey, December, we’ve been waiting for you! 🎉 It’s the month when we can finally go all-in with those winter vibes! (Though we know some of you enjoy applying winter photo effects year-round 😉) Get ready for some frosty fun, photo editing, and counting down to all the presents and magic… 

The magic of Christmas! There’s something special about this time of year that fills our hearts with joy and warmth. It’s not just the twinkling lights or the festive tunes (which we love very much!); it’s the feeling of togetherness, the cozy moments spent with loved ones, and the anticipation of something magical around the corner. Let’s dive into the magical Christmas photo editing world and boy, do we have some surprises for you!

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InstaMotion: Make any video yours in Photo Lab

Today, let’s talk about InstaMotion – a feature that adds a little something to your video-creation potential with face-swapping magic.

InstaMotion makes use of cutting-edge facial recognition technology to smoothly replace faces within your selected videos. You might be wondering, “Isn’t this techy stuff super complicated?” Not with InstaMotion!
Select a video and photo from your gallery, and watch your content take on a completely new vibe, personalized just the way you prefer. 

InstaMotion is your gateway to crafting trend-worthy content for your socials. Unleash your creativity by adding your own twist to videos. Dance like nobody’s watching, or switch faces with famous stars in your favorite scenes. Blend your face seamlessly into viral clips or iconic movie moments to create content that resonates. Whether you are sharing a video to TikTok or making Reels for Instagram, InstaMotion brings your individuality front and center.

Capturing Your Wild (and Domestic) Dreams: LookLab’s Animal Selfies

Hold tight to your selfie sticks because there’s someone very cute ready to strike a pose with you! We’re sure you couldn’t say no to them.

Ever dreamt of snuggling with a panda or taking BFF-style selfies with a lion? Photo Lab not only makes it possible but also adds an extra dose of wildness with its latest animal selfies collection within the LookLab feature, all thanks to some AI enchantment. Picture yourself with an adorable otter, take a shot chilling in Pinguinton, or even time-travel to the Jurassic Period to take a photo with a dinosaur – it’s not just a dream – it’s a ‘roar’ality! Upload a photo, wait a few seconds, and get ready to embrace pure joy with your own collection of cool animal selfies – just a tap away, waiting to make your day.

With LookLab, your selfies aren’t just snapshots; they’re the kind of wild dreams National Geographic wishes they could feature. Visit us for your daily dose of ‘Aww’ 🦁🐼

A Retro ’90s Photoshoot Adventure in Photo Lab

Fashion goes in circles, with trends coming back around over and over. Not too long ago, the 90s boomeranged into the scene, strutting its stuff and still leaving its mark. No surprise there – the 90s gifted us with countless iconic looks, shaping pop culture. And oh, the 90s films – they had a whole different vibe! The aesthetics, the characters, the actors – it feels like living in a golden era, doesn’t it? The style from the screen seamlessly spilled into our everyday lives and created timeless crushes. Now, the ’90s keep fueling our inspiration, giving rise to a new LookLab’s collection that’s all about those rad vibes. Staying true to ’90s trends, we’re preserving the era’s aesthetics while reimagining its styles and narratives. And for the enthusiasts of vintage photography, our collection pays homage to the era of film cameras, ensuring that each photo exudes the classic charm of ’90s snapshots. Embracing the timeless appeal of film, these photos not only capture a moment but also embody a unique style that transcends trends. 

Picture yourself at the arcade – neon lights flicker, and the air buzzes with retro excitement. Feel the urban coolness as you strike a pose against graffiti-covered walls, soaking in that raw, street-smart vibe. Imagine embodying the MTV generation style – bold, dynamic, and unapologetically you. Whether you find yourself at an old-school New-York street, a camping trip, or a roadside motel, Photo Lab captures the essence of an era where the Spice Girls ruled the charts, and the Tamagotchi was the ultimate pet.

The ’90s vibe is calling! Explore these vibes and more right within the Photo Lab app. Take a trip down memory lane with our LookLab collection and turn your photos into iconic ’90s moments. 📸✨

Halloween treats in Photo Boo Lab 👻

Halloween is about letting your freak flag fly, and Photo Lab is your partner in crime. It’s that time of year when you can have fun with all sorts of wacky, tricky effects to transform your photos and create some snapshots that are truly treat-worthy. With Photo Lab’s bag of tricks, you can make your photos scream Halloween. From spooky and scary to beautiful and mesmerizing, our collection includes all the classic Halloween effects and filters you can think of. Try on various Halloween makeups and masks, and let your spooky side shine!

And let’s not forget the real treat – Look Lab! It’s like having a costume party right in your pocket, thanks to some AI wizardry. You can turn yourself into that of an enchanting witch, good old Freddi, or cool Wednesday Addams. It’s Halloween magic at your fingertips. 

So, grab your phone, put on your virtual witch’s hat, and let’s get this Halloween party started! It’s all treats and no tricks. Get ready to make some hauntingly awesome memories and share the Halloween spirit with your friends. 🎃 📸

Bored with the ’90s? Be one of the first to travel to ’60s and ’70s instead!

The ’90s may have had their moment, but we’re here to tell you that it’s time to explore the iconic vibes of the ’60s and ’70s. These were decades filled with timeless fashion, unforgettable music, and a unique spirit that’s simply too cool to ignore. The style inspired by iconic rock ‘n’ roll stars, colorful prints, and the dazzling disco scene defined the era, while memorable yearbook personas such as the free-spirited hippie, the rebellious rocker, and the stylish wearer of polka dot dresses stole the spotlight.

Well, let’s hop into our time machine and journey back to the groovy ’60s and ’70s! Thanks to Photo Lab, time travel has never been this easy. With just one photo, you can make it happen, no DeLorean required.