Even more (advanced) styles in DreamLook

Hey there! Let’s talk about the new star feature in Photo Lab.

Our latest breakthrough, DreamLook, represents a leap forward in AI editing technology within our Photo Lab app. It offers a spectrum of captivating and trendy themes, including realistic-style photos and stylized images featuring you in the spotlight. What’s more? DreamLook generates three images for each theme, giving you a variety of options to explore. This innovation ensures a top-tier standard of quality and realism: users seamlessly integrate into their chosen themes with an unmatched level of detail. Unlike LookLab, you won’t have control over choosing hair color and length. This technology works by seamlessly incorporating your photo uploaded hairstyle, ensuring your face smoothly fits into the generated pictures, resulting in a more cohesive look. 

We’re just getting started with our diverse collection of themes and styles. Right now, you can dive into the gaming universe, transforming into a Dota 2 hero, roaming the streets of GTA, battling it out in Fortnite, and much more. Take a stroll down our AI Fashion Week runway where you can flaunt unique, one-of-a-kind outfits created by the AI. Embrace this new form of self-expression in the digital era!  

If we happened to miss a style you’ve been dreaming of, fear not! After all, it’s called DreamLook – сraft your own unique look using AI or explore the creations of fellow users. Don’t forget to share your arts – it’s always awesome to see what you come up with!