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New Effect Previews at Funny.Pho.to

Remember we asked you to help us choose a new Funny.Pho.to model? As you might have noticed, the Funny.Pho.to service now sports new swanky effect previews! So, what’s new? 1. Our ex-model, Britney Spears, has gone. Now all effect previews have a new model girl on them! Good bye, Britney!

Retro and Vintage are Back in Style!

Retro and vintage style photography has become extremely popular in the past years! People love photos that look ‘old-style’ and have a vintage look, because they create a nostalgic atmosphere, awaken special feelings and memories. What is the difference between ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’? It is generally said that retro focuses on the style of the 1910s […]