Let your photos express what you feel with phoTWO

Emotions often show more than words can say. So why not pin a shot of yourself over your photo instead of making up a description of your feelings every time? That’s what has been engaging our minds here at Pho.to for quite a while and that’s exactly what our new app for iPhone called phoTWO is for.

In three steps you get the collage that tells your friends the whole story: where you are, who you are with and how you feel about it (OK, not the whole, but very close to that, right?). Easy as 1-2-3: ‘one’ lets you take the main picture, ‘two’ brings you to the front camera for the next “emotion” snap and ‘three’ enables you to do some editing and save the result.
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Pho.to Lab PRO for Android is officially released

The time has come and the brand-new version of Pho.to Lab PRO is already available on Google Play. Such things do not happen every day, so we believe it’s well-worth mentioning what great new things you should expect from Pho.to Lab PRO 2.0.

The major change that came to Pho.to Lab PRO 2.0 is the completely re-designed interface. First of all large previews for categories and templates were added for you to find the right effects and explore new ones at once. Another usability change and a plus for the Pho.to Lab PRO 2.0 is a quick navigation bar. Now it became easier to switch between groups, access the home page or select your Favorite filters.

Take a quick look at the updated interface:

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Outdoor Photography: How to Cope with Lighting

Shooting outdoor you’ll definitely see that there is more in sunlight than just light and shadow, brightness or darkness. It’s also the mood of your image, its look and atmosphere. This article deals with simple tips and tricks on how to take control and make use of natural light.
Shooting Outside: natural lighting
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Pho.to Lab PRO for iPhone is getting free, so grab it while you can

For the first time ever we are going to give away Pho.to Lab PRO for free! The promotion starts this Thursday, at 5 o’clock in the morning (well, that is if you live at PDT time zone). And it won’t last long. Do you want to get the ad-free app with all the effects unlocked? Don’t miss your chance, then!

Pho.to lab for iOS free giveawayiOS photo editor PRO version free holiday discount

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