Text Editor for all Android users of Pho.to Lab!

photoLab_release_July_23_2014_450With so many templates ready to be turned into greeting cards adding a text editor into Pho.to Lab has always been just a matter of time. And while iPhone/iPad users are already happy using this option it took a bit more time to include it for Android devices. Today we are glad to say that finally it’s off to see the world in both Free and PRO editions of our photo editor. So update the app and start creating cards, romantic posters and more right on your mobile device.

Choose a photo, apply an effect and type your message on the result by clicking on the text icon. Text Tool comes with an impressive list of fonts and a convenient colour slider increasing the chances to find the best possible match for your best-loved templates. Move, rotate and zoom the text field to find the right spot. Besides you can add several messages if you want – it’s all up-to-you!

Sure updates don’t end there. All new templates has also got into the version: “Birthday Scrapbooking Card” and “Birthday Hat” card makers, flags of Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan, “Vintage Travel Frame” for your holiday photos, “Game of Thrones” face montage and “Phone in hands” photo realistic scene.

Photo journey is more fun with Pho.to team! Check all our apps for Android owners.

Finding suitable template at Funny.Pho.to is now as easy as a pie

Fantastic news: now it’s far easier to browse through photo templates on Funny.Pho.to thanks to the new sidebar. It lets you switch between different tags and find suitable effects. Check it right now!

Website with photo editing effects gets a new look

Birthdays, Weddings, Romantic Dates, Travelling – you know that we have frames, filters, and effects for any case. And what we know is it was quite a challenge to find related stuff. Not any more! Now the whole list of effects for any event (or any person) is one click away – under a special tag in the new sidebar.

The Making of Funny Birthday Greeting Cards

Giving birthday greeting cards is a very old tradition. When you are far away from a birthday person, you can share an e-card on his or her social page. If you are going to meet the b-day person, you can add a custom greeting card to your gift and write your own wishes on it to make it peculiar. Design a personalized greeting card by yourself and express how much this person means to you.

We are going to tell you how to do a birthday masterpiece out of a common digital photo. You can send it via e-mail, share on a social network or print and present in person.

A birtday photo collage for one little girl

Don’t forget to check Birthday page on Funny.Pho.to. You’l find there a number of great photo effects!

Let’s make a birthday collage!

The Art of Photo Collaging for Two Friends

Some time ago we posted a guide on taking photos for two friends. Сertain time passed but now we are fulfilling our promise to publish the second part of the story. This guide is devoted to choosing the most suitable photos for Funny.Pho.to effects and vice versa. By the way, this article, just like the previous one, includes a number of shots taken by our users. Thanks a lot to all who helped us and sent their photos!

Two girls hugging each other at a beach. Sea frame is added.

Do not forget to click on pictures to check which effect is applied.

Let’s Collage It!

Happy Birthday, America!

The 4th of July is on the way and we’d like to ask if you are going to put on some patriotic cosplay costume or 4th of July face paint and have fun this day. As usual, we have collected some tips and different ideas on patriotic makeup, outfit, face painting and, of course, patriotic photo editing!

Patriotic American girl celebrates the 4th of July with USA face paint

Get ready for Crazy 4th of July Cosplay Party