The Art of Photo Collaging for Two Friends

Some time ago we posted a guide on taking photos for two friends. Сertain time passed but now we are fulfilling our promise to publish the second part of the story. This guide is devoted to choosing the most suitable photos for effects and vice versa. By the way, this article, just like the previous one, includes a number of shots taken by our users. Thanks a lot to all who helped us and sent their photos!

Two girls hugging each other at a beach. Sea frame is added.

Do not forget to click on pictures to check which effect is applied.

You, Your Friend and Your Location

We all have a number of photos that show some significant places. These can be shots from a wonderful trip, or your favourite places in a student campus. The Wipe it off photo editing template lets you merge a portrait photo of yours with a scenery image. You’ll be placed in the foreground and the second image will be used as a background. You can also use a photo from a graduation party or a carnival to show the surroundings and add a portrait photo to the foreground to accentuate your personal impressions from the event.

To apply the effect, first upload a portrait photo and after that upload a background image, just as it’s shown on the example below.

How to make a collage

Then click the “Process” button and enjoy your collage.

A photo collage with little kid and color balloons

You can also use our camera app phoTWO (it suits both iOS and Android fans) that lets you make magnificent selfie collages! E.g.:

A selfie of two friends taken in cafe with iOS camera app A selfie of friends taken at spring blossom time


Make a Mass Collage

If you have a lot of good photos, try making a stylish photo collage using the Neon Cubes template. It unites up to 15 different images into one bright photo story.

Photo collage with 15 photos added.

This photo collage presents photos of our users and friends.

Turning Photos Into Marvelous Greeting Cards

Want to give a new life to photos from your memorable events (a joyful party or a crazy holiday trip which you spent with your friends)? Edit them with one of the photo templates given below, and share on your social page. Make your subscribers envy!

Photo collage of two girls placed on a red air balloon Photo of two pretty girls. Wooden photo frame with wild poppies and wheat ears is added
In the photo collage photo of two girls is added as a placard on London bus


Liven up Your Diptych Collages: Choose Photos with Expressive Postures

Want to make an unusual diptych collage to amuse your friends? Choose photos with expressive poses or movements. See the two collages given below: they do catch the eye thanks to dynamic poses. Movement unites two parts of the collage together. Besides, it makes the images more dynamic. By the way, funny photos with models pulling faces to a photographer’s camera can produce the same result.

This photo is edited with the Lace Postcard photo template.

Photo collage of two girls having fun

This image presents a story shot by our users. The Checked Frame photo template is applied.

Photo collage of two girls. Simple photo frame is added

If you do a photo collage with two models, place images as if both of them look at each other. This will accentuate the emotions that the two friends share.

Artistic effect with portraits of two girls drawn in sand Photo collage of two girls with simple photo frame added


Vintage Photo Collaging

We have lots of beautiful vintage collages with a variety of stylish adornments. You can use them to make a beautiful profile picture in a plain-vanilla style. Choose shoulder or face portraits not to overload the composition with details: you must play the first violin in a photo but not bells and whistles.

Retro photo of two girls with a vintage style photo frame Vintage photo frame is added to a photo of two girls


Photo Collaging: How to Change Backgrounds

Do you have photos ruined by unsuitable backgrounds: a mess in your room or a bathroom wall? We have a number of photo templates that change the background. Besides, you can experiment with some of our marvelous photo frames that will help you cut the unneeded background or distract attention from it.

In the photo on the left an unpleasant background is hidden by the Spring Romance template. Photo on the right is edited with the Festive Balloons photo template, which substitutes the original background with multicolor balloons.

Photo of two school girls. Spring photo frame is added Background on photo is hidden below a birthday balloons background effect

Here are a few other simple and joyful frames. They perfectly suit kids photos as well as vivid shots of youth. Make your images bright and fun!

Photo of two little girls. Photo frame with cute rabbits is added Photo of two little girls in beautiful dresses. Photo frame with yummy sweets is added
Two young girls in paint smile. Stylish photo frame is added.


Lets Play the Leap Frog!

A photo shoot collage with many photos of two pretty girls

Look at the collage above. The main idea of the image is to show models in various poses. If you have a lot of such photos (e.g., taken at a birthday party) you can recreate this idea with our new Birthday Scrapbooking Card template (and other photo collages for many photos at

Birthday collage for many photos of friends.

That’s all for today. Hope you’ll make great collages and share them with us. Comment, ask questions and have happy photographing for all of your photo shoots!