Female friendship photography. Tips and tricks for girlfriends photo shoot

Do you believe in female friendship? We do! No doubt, you have the best friend and share crazy, enormous and bright friendship. Are you always together, taking lots of funny photos with both of you and enjoying your time? Then pay attention to this article which is devoted to girlfriends photo shoots. We hope that you’ll like it and find some interesting tips to try with your friend. Read and comment, we do wait for your shots!

By the way, working on this article we asked our users to take a number of shots for it. Some of them are presented here!

Best friends


Emotions are the Main Spice

The secret ingredient of any photo hides in emotions. You can be sad or glad, calm or excited, but the main point is that you should be sincere. Look at photos of children: they have natural expressions in most images. Learn from kids. Remember: even simple photos will look great if you remain natural and emotional.

Laughing girls Happy friends

The Power of Contrast

Use contrast when you want to accentuate your individuality. In all kinds of art (advertising, literature, visual art, cinema and others) contrast is used to emphasize the difference between two characters: an angel and a demon, a good girl and a naughty one, a tender blonde and an aggressive brunette, a serious business-woman and a teenager-like girl… The world is rich in contrasts. In fact, we can continue this list almost endlessly.

Angel and demon Red & black

Similarity Means Originality

Sometimes it is good to focus on similarity, for example, when you want to say how close you are to each other. Look at these shots. The models express their close relationship using everything they can: their clothes, accessories. Even their poses are similar. It makes us wonder: what do these girls, who resemble each other a lot but still have different minds, think about?

Olsen twins Like sisters

Make the Shot Dynamic

When you make full-length shots, remember: they should be dynamic. Otherwise, you can get boring photos of the people who just stand. Taking photos of immovable people looking aside can be a good idea for half-length portraits but for full-length shots we might need to add some spice to the pic.

An amazing way to make a shot more impressive is to… jump! At this moment the photographer should kneel down and shoot from below. This method helps visually increase the space between the legs and the ground.

Touching the sky

Nevertheless, calm mood and relaxed poses are welcome when you add some moving objects to the photo: flying-away hair, sand thrown into the air, soap bubbles. The best place to make such photos is outside: on the beach, in the forest or at least in the city park. Shoot in the evening when light is soft and diffused and you’ll get magic photos!

A little bonus. We have an interesting article about shooting in natural light. You can read it as well.


Various interactions between you and your friend, like crossed hands or bodies can also add some dynamics to your shot.

Girlfriends Two friends

Those who’d like to take original photos can try to repeat the famous scene from The Matrix: one girl is making a kick while the other is trying to dodge it. See example!

Hobby and Lifestyle

Think of what you like to do and make photos to illustrate your daily life. Use some accessories to make your photos look better. You can have a photo shoot while shopping, watching TV with a bowl of pop-corn or solving some math problems.

Funny kids

Roads Invite Us to Travel

This is a very beautiful shooting idea that never makes you bored: to take photos with a road as an element of composition. Firstly, many people want and like traveling. Secondly, a road that goes somewhere into the distance is a very strong element of composition.
You can do many things while posing for such photos: wave down the train, sit on your luggage and wait for a car, run along the demarcation strip… Just take photos and you’ll find the idea that suits your mood the best.

On the roadFriends travel

Express your friendship with material things

You can be totally different but there is still something that unites you – your friendship. You can express it with material things, not just emotions. For example, you can stand close to each other and cover yourself with a nice plaid, or braid your hair together.

Real friends

View from Behind

This angle helps make very tender shots. When you look at a scene from behind you feel that you’ve seized some private moment, and found something very intimate. It’s a kind of storytelling angle where the models, the photographer and the viewer join all together to create the story.

Winter girls

Shooting and Cropping

Who told you that you must shoot only faces? Take photos of legs, hands, shoulders and other parts of body! Such images intrigue and attract attention. When something is left behind you want to know what it is. Besides, this method helps to accentuate the most attractive parts of models’ bodies.

Attractive girls Cropping

I’m Too Sexy for my Cat

Girls like to be sexy. Who said that sexual attractiveness can be expressed by one girl only? One attractive girl is cool, two beautiful girls – even cooler!
You can show different kinds of attractiveness: naive and innocent girls at pijama party or seductive girls whose glances call and intrigue.

Pijama party Sexy girls

Be unique

Sometimes it is fun to change the camera angle or find an interesting position to present common things in an unusual way. There is even a story about a model who wanted to draw attention to her portfolio presented among thousands of other girls’ albums. She changed the angle by turning her cover photo upside down and got the attention she needed!

Besides, we have an article on how to get creative photos which also covers the question of changing the shooting angle. You can read it as well.

Funny kids

A Few Simple Posing Tricks

  • Hold your back straight when you sit or stand. It makes you slimmer, your neck longer, and you look more confident in general. It is a widespread mistake when a girl stoops but pulls her shoulders back, trying to stick out her chest. Your breasts get accentuated naturally when you hold your back straight. You can also try to pull your shoulders not just back, but back and down to feel the right pose.
  • If one of you is very slim and the other one is a little bit crummy let the thinner one make a step ahead. In this case the difference in constitution will be smoothed.
  • Do not look into the camera all the time. Look into the distance and aside, or glance at each other — try different variants.

Cute girls

Let’s Summarize!

  • Relax if you want to get sincere images. Speak and joke with your friend while posing and you’ll have magnificent images.
  • Decide what visual image you want to create and choose appropriate accessories and atmospheric background. You can focus on similarity or diversity of both of you.
  • Be original. Try having your photo shoots in different places, ask your photographer to take photos from different angles.
  • Be dynamic and try different poses! It’s funny and interesting and in the end, we are sure, you’ll enjoy both the photo shoot and the final images.
Best friends

P.S. We are currently working on a new article that is devoted to creative post-processing of friendship photos at Pho.to!


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