DreamLook hits ToonMe: It’s cartoon time!

Yo, Toon lovers!

Big news: we just dropped the DreamLook tab into ToonMe! This feature, already celebrated in our Photo Lab app (more details on this here), is set to bring a full-scale Toonageddon. We’re elevating the art of cartoonification with cutting-edge neural network technology, bringing you closer than ever to your animated alter egos.

Now, ToonMe’s DreamLook is where all the cool cartoons hang out. Join the toon elite: take a magical walk with Totoro, have crazy adventures with Rick and Morty,  lead the pack as the cute Boss Baby, and much more. Beyond iconic characters, DreamLook unveils a vast world of animation styles for every taste. From sleek and modern to warm, classic, and nostalgic sketches, there’s a style for everyone. But it’s not just about animation – discover art styles inspired by the Renaissance, the relaxed vibe of watercolors, vibrant pop art, and much more. These designs are exclusive to ToonMe, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else!

So, what’s the vibe? Pure cartoon chaos and creativity like never before! DreamLook in ToonMe is where all the fun’s at, with styles for every mood, from old-school cool to way-ahead-of-the-curve. Stay tooned! There’s a whole world of artistic exploration waiting for you.

Valentine’s Day: from Photo Lab with Love

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Photo Lab is here to spread love to you! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re getting ready for this lovely day filled with hearts, hugs, and, of course, plenty of love cards. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right words or express your feelings to someone special. In Photo Lab, you can create customized love cards that speak volumes!

Choose from our lovely designs or let your creativity run wild and romantic. Add animations, effects, and personalized messages to make your valentines extra special. What’s more? DreamLook in the VIP tab now offers an exciting addition: alongside a variety of AI romantic styles for individual users, you can feature both you and your partner on AI-generated Valentine’s Day cards!

Choose an appropriate style from the collection, upload photos of two different users, and surprise your loved one with personalized artwork or simply indulge in the dream of seeing yourselves together in romantic settings. Whether you’re planning a romantic date night, looking to express your love and appreciation for friends and family, or just photo-treating yourself (because self-love matters too!), everything you need for Valentine’s Day is right here in the special tab at the bottom of the screen in the Photo Lab app. Get ready for romance, because actually, we’re head over heels for you 💘