InstaMotion: Make any video yours in Photo Lab

Today, let’s talk about InstaMotion – a feature that adds a little something to your video-creation potential with face-swapping magic.

InstaMotion makes use of cutting-edge facial recognition technology to smoothly replace faces within your selected videos. You might be wondering, “Isn’t this techy stuff super complicated?” Not with InstaMotion!
Select a video and photo from your gallery, and watch your content take on a completely new vibe, personalized just the way you prefer. 

InstaMotion is your gateway to crafting trend-worthy content for your socials. Unleash your creativity by adding your own twist to videos. Dance like nobody’s watching, or switch faces with famous stars in your favorite scenes. Blend your face seamlessly into viral clips or iconic movie moments to create content that resonates. Whether you are sharing a video to TikTok or making Reels for Instagram, InstaMotion brings your individuality front and center.

Capturing Your Wild (and Domestic) Dreams: LookLab’s Animal Selfies

Hold tight to your selfie sticks because there’s someone very cute ready to strike a pose with you! We’re sure you couldn’t say no to them.

Ever dreamt of snuggling with a panda or taking BFF-style selfies with a lion? Photo Lab not only makes it possible but also adds an extra dose of wildness with its latest animal selfies collection within the LookLab feature, all thanks to some AI enchantment. Picture yourself with an adorable otter, take a shot chilling in Pinguinton, or even time-travel to the Jurassic Period to take a photo with a dinosaur – it’s not just a dream – it’s a ‘roar’ality! Upload a photo, wait a few seconds, and get ready to embrace pure joy with your own collection of cool animal selfies – just a tap away, waiting to make your day.

With LookLab, your selfies aren’t just snapshots; they’re the kind of wild dreams National Geographic wishes they could feature. Visit us for your daily dose of ‘Aww’ 🦁🐼

A Retro ’90s Photoshoot Adventure in Photo Lab

Fashion goes in circles, with trends coming back around over and over. Not too long ago, the 90s boomeranged into the scene, strutting its stuff and still leaving its mark. No surprise there – the 90s gifted us with countless iconic looks, shaping pop culture. And oh, the 90s films – they had a whole different vibe! The aesthetics, the characters, the actors – it feels like living in a golden era, doesn’t it? The style from the screen seamlessly spilled into our everyday lives and created timeless crushes. Now, the ’90s keep fueling our inspiration, giving rise to a new LookLab’s collection that’s all about those rad vibes. Staying true to ’90s trends, we’re preserving the era’s aesthetics while reimagining its styles and narratives. And for the enthusiasts of vintage photography, our collection pays homage to the era of film cameras, ensuring that each photo exudes the classic charm of ’90s snapshots. Embracing the timeless appeal of film, these photos not only capture a moment but also embody a unique style that transcends trends. 

Picture yourself at the arcade – neon lights flicker, and the air buzzes with retro excitement. Feel the urban coolness as you strike a pose against graffiti-covered walls, soaking in that raw, street-smart vibe. Imagine embodying the MTV generation style – bold, dynamic, and unapologetically you. Whether you find yourself at an old-school New-York street, a camping trip, or a roadside motel, Photo Lab captures the essence of an era where the Spice Girls ruled the charts, and the Tamagotchi was the ultimate pet.

The ’90s vibe is calling! Explore these vibes and more right within the Photo Lab app. Take a trip down memory lane with our LookLab collection and turn your photos into iconic ’90s moments. 📸✨