Amazing art combo winning the hearts of Africa!

(rankings info updated on November 29, 2021)

True art is something that can reach people’s hearts all over the world! 🌍🎨 We are happy to see that one of the Photo Lab filters (sophisticatedly called ‘Even Better Than The Real’) has gained popularity in a number of African countries almost overnight! 🙌🏿🙌🏻  

  • 🇲🇱Mali, 🇳🇪Niger, 🇬🇦Gabon, 🇧🇫Burkina Faso, 🇧🇯Benin, 🇳🇪Senegal, 🇲🇷Mauritania are the first on the list – Photo Lab has reached #1 overall on both iOS and Android in all these countries.  
  • In 🇱🇷Liberia and 🇬🇼Guinea-Bissau, 🇬🇲Gambia we are #1 on the App Store.
  • 🇳🇬Nigeria and 🇬🇭Ghana have joined them on Google Play.
  • Other countries where Photo Lab is hitting Top 10 include 🇨🇩Congo, 🇨🇮Cote d’Ivoire, and more.

This amazing style combines an AI-driven cartoon portrait and artistic watercolor background, so it is definitely worth a try with your selfies, too! 😎