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Unique E-Cards and Printable Projects for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in US is just one day away! Whether you live across the country or next door to your mom, be sure to send (or just give) a sweet card to her – it is a must. It is best to make something more personal and creative for her, rather than just pick a […]

How to add weather effects to your photos

Did you know that today is World Meteorological Day? It is celebrated each year, on March 23, by the World Meteorological Organization. Of course, this day is not a public holiday, but, whether we admit it or not, weather means a lot to us. We always attempt to forecast the weather. And we love to […]

Pho.to Stickers App – Unleash the Power of Stickers!

Pho.to Stickers app is the perfect tool for Facebook users who are into photo editing and pranks. Love messing with your friends’ photos to have some good laughs together? Then it’s time to unleash sticker power on their photo albums!

How to Create a Customized Valentine E-card Online

With less than a week left until St. Valentine’s day, you start to get worried about what kind of gift you should prepare for your loved one. Here we offer some tips on how to make a unique Valentine’s greeting online: a customized e-card with your own photos. Actually, you can find lots of ready-made […]

Winterize your photos with fun stickers

Merry Christmas to all Pho.to users! We’ve got even more winter fun for you! Now, when Christmas mood is in full swing, we’d like to offer a new Pho.to Stickers app to our Facebook users (please find it at http://apps.facebook.com/photostickers/). There are stickers of all kinds: you can add special occasion stickers to your photos […]