AI Takes Greeting Cards to a Whole New Digital Level

What is AI used for in everyday life? Voice assistants, chatbots, face and speech recognition… Yep, that may sound a bit boring… 🤷

Know what? We’ve trained AI how to help you build a deeper connection with people, get to their hearts, and even infuse more fun and romance into your relationship 🤗💌

Welcome Greeting Cards from Photo Lab – ecards taken to a whole new level! 🥳 They are super cute (thanks to smart photo-to-cartoon transformation), highly personalized and customizable (as they are created with your own photos) and are full of style and zest because they’re made with the help of cutting-edge AI technology!

How does it work? You upload your photo, and Photo Lab’s smartly trained AI algorithms turn it into a truly unique state-of-the-art greeting card.

Just in case you need a more detailed how-to, here it is:

  • Go to the Greeting Cards tab in Photo Lab
  • Browse through a huge collection of card templates (both male and female styles are included – feel free to switch between them)
  • Upload a photo (or 2 photos in case the card is meant to showcase two people)
  • Play with text overlays and choose one that suits your needs best.

And voila – you are all set to spread love and appreciation!

The tab boasts dozens of AI driven photo-to-art designs suitable for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, a get well soon message or a love note for your special someone.

Most card designs use breakthrough AI editing technology that turns a person from a photo into his or her cartoonized version. Still, we’ve added some photorealistic designs, too, for the sake of variety. 

Let’s dig into some themes and styles: 

  • Cards that’ll cake your day! 🎂

Want to congratulate someone on a big milestone like a Birthday, anniversary or graduation? Feel free to choose from an array of card templates with specific text messages for those big dates. Beyond that, there are loads of universal designs with one-size-fits-all ‘Congratulations!’ message on them.

  • Random acts of cardness 🤗

Never underestimate the power of small gestures that convey care and appreciation. You don’t need a special occasion to cheer somebody up, make your buddy’s day a bit brighter, say that you miss your soulmate, or do some other random act of cardness… oops, we meant kindness, of course. 😇

  • I love you in every TOON-iverse

Spreading love is Photo Lab’s special mission. 👼 Be it Valentine’s Day, your BF’s wedding or just an ordinary Monday – every day is good enough to celebrate love and romance. Browse through a generous collection of together-forever, lovey-dovey, happily-ever-after card designs, upload photos of two different people and embrace this new way of saying ‘I love you’!

  • Friends will be friends 👯

A true friend is someone you can talk, laugh and do stupid things with 🙃 So it’s definitely worth bringing a smile to their face, even when there’s no special reason for that. Explore our collection of cheerful designs and scenes about best friends and partners in crime and make your bond even stronger!

If you feel that our Greeting Cards tab misses a design or a theme that you might need, feel free to reach us on Instagram 🙌