WOW! Check out new ‘Inspiration’ tab to apply best effect combinations or create yours.

This new Photo Lab tab (as well as tons of opportunities behind it) is truly amazing. The title speaks for itself – it’s all about Inspiration, creativity and unlimited number of effects combinations!

Photo Lab Inspiration tab

The tab is available for all the iOS and Android users. Below is all you need to know about this Photo Lab feature.

Create Your Perfect Combo

We always encourage our users to experiment with the effects and use more than one effect when editing their photos. Yes, one effect is not enough anymore. Your photo deserves much more and much more we are ready to offer. Apply one effect and find more options under the “+” button. Add extra layers of filters and effects, animations or your own text.

If you are content with the created combo, press the sharing button in the upper right corner. See the purple blue Photo Lab logo as the first sharing option? Hit it and share your combination with other users.

Photo Lab Inspiration guide

Just log in with your Facebook account and your combo will be available in the Inspiration tab!

Exploring the Inspiration

Now you know that Photo Lab gained a social network feature and become a creative community, where all your awesome Combos (that’s the nickname for all the effects mixes you make) can be shared and re-used.

Photo Lab Inspiration Feed

The Inspiration tab contains 3 subtabs at the bottom:
– Trending
– Top
– Recent

Want to know what Photo Lab effects and combos have been the most popular since combinations appearance? Open the ‘Top’ tab. If you are interested in the most popular combos during the last 24 hours, go to the ‘Trending’ tab.

Open the ‘Recent’ tab to see the latest combos shared by our users. Support them with your ‘Likes’ or just check them out for your inspiration.

If you like a user’s combo, you can apply it at once or show your appreciation and ‘Like’ it. Just open the image and tap ‘Heart’ in the upper corner.

How to Manage Your Combo

All your shared combos are saved in the ‘Mine’ tab. You can see the number of ‘likes’ your combo gained by tapping on this combo and touching the three dots in the upper right corner.

Think you can do better? You can always delete the combo you’ve shared. Open the ‘Mine’ tab and pick the combo you want to kiss goodbye, then tap once on the trash bin and confirm. Yes, it’s that simple 🙂

Photo Lab Inspiration Mine Manage

Stay Notified
We want to promote our users’ creativity and make sure that best of the best combos get the attention they deserve. That’s why we send notifications about trending combos so you will always be updated about the recent trends and all the amazing results you can get with our app.