Big News for Instagram Users: Know Your Instagram Filter Now!

Hi everybody! Hope you’ve been missing our updates. 🙂 We’ve got some exciting news that igers* all over the world, armed with their smartphones, will surely like. Know what? Not only we create beautiful filters & effects for our #photolab app, we can now also help you choose the best Instagram filter for your photo!

If you have ever posted a photo on Instagram, you know how important the filters are. In fact, a filter can make or break your photo. That’s why sometimes it takes you too long to pick the most flattering Instagram filter for your holiday selfie or for your breakfast photo. Juno, Ludwig, or Nashville?.. Sometimes the choice is too hard!

askAI app for iPhone and Android is here!

Use the first AI-powered** Instagram filter advisor app to make your photo more engaging and get more instalikes.

Our new askAI app (available for FREE on iTunes and Google Play store) uses its machine learning powers to offer you 3 most promising filters for your uploaded photo. It’s all very easy and you won’t have to wait long.

Step 1: You upload your photo. The app analyzes it, compares it to similar images on Instagram and retrieves information about filters they were edited with.

Step 2: You get a selection of 3 best filters carefully chosen for your pic. The app shows you 3 previews of your photo with applied filters. Choose the one that appeals most to you. It is the only choice you need to make 😉

Step 3: You proceed to Instagram with your edited photo and just wait for your likes to be delivered 🙂

askAI app for iPhone and Android: step by step guide

So, no more frustration from now on. Don’t worry about choosing your best filter. Have a coffee instead and be ready for your next selfie 😉

* Instagram users
** powered by Artificial Intelligence