Yay! Photo Lab is the best app of 2017 according to Google

And it feels absolutely crazymazing! 😊

Photo Lab is the best app of 2017 in Google Play Russia

Google Play revealed the winners of the Play Awards of 2017 on Friday, December 01, and we are very proud to say that Photo Lab has become the best app of the year. 🎉

The lists of the winners differ from country to country, so to be more specific Photo Lab has been nominated and picked the trophy as the hottest app in Russia 🇷🇺. For us, it is a huge step forward and the sign of recognition of all the significant changes we were introducing through the year not only from the Play Store team but also from you, our users.

The impact of Photo Lab users is truly huge. Every day hundreds of thousands of people choose to use the app for a variety of photo editing needs, with hundreds spending their precious time giving us stars (the average rating has almost never been lower than 4.5 🌟), leaving reviews (more often good than bad) and emailing all kinds of feedback to us. That all gives us food for thought, helps to improve the app, detect and fix minor and major bugs on time, and even makes us roll back new features sometimes (C’est la vie 😶). It’s only natural that we see you more as a part of the team and would like to share this victory with you.

So CHEERS! 🍸 and let’s keep the ball rolling by spreading the word about this terrific news!

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199 thoughts on “Yay! Photo Lab is the best app of 2017 according to Google”

  1. Excepcional me encanta pero me gustaría más fotos para poner caras de soldados marineros futbolistas ect.gracias

  2. Been using this app for many years, and just keeps getting better. Nice work, and growth throughout the time I’ve had the app. Some developers forget about their users, your team had shown dedication in this app. Congratulations, not that you needed it, that is a well deserved accomplishment. Keep up the good work, and let’s see #1 in America too

  3. Vielen Dank, für diese klasse App, ich nutze sie schon seit geraumer Zeit und experimentiere immer wieder gerne damit rum, bin dann eigentlich jedes Mal auf’s Neue begeistert!!! Habe leider den “Black-Sale” verpaßt, Schade, aber die Möglichkeiten, ohne Pro-Version sind schon so vielfältig, daß ich auch noch ein wenig warten kann, auf’s nächste Angebot
    Danke dafür !!!

  4. En realidad es la mejor aplicación que haya visto jamás, con un sólo toque lo hace todo Felicidades Photo Lab & Pho.to

  5. Muy merecido premio! Felicitaciones y gracias por ayudarnos a embellecer y divertir nuestras fotos. Que sea el comienzo de grandes logros..

  6. A mí me encanta esta aplicación de echo todos los días encuentro una imagen Qe me fascina y la aplicó en mis Photoshop y las comparto con los contactos que tengo en el facebook y en Instagram !

  7. Очень понравилось,но почему на аватарке гиф не работает?так не красиво и не интересно(

  8. Me parece interesante aunque no la uso mucho porque a veces no entiendo bien los pasos a seguir porque hay términos que para mí no son muy claros o con significado diferente.

  9. Felicitaciones! Soy de Chile y me encanta la app, es fácil de usar y da para hacer mucho con creatividad.saludos!

  10. I also think it is the best aplication and ן use it every day. And I give more than 5 to this aplication

  11. Congrats photo lab team,
    We helped you to reach this milestone and its now your time, you does you help us to give the photo lab all features for free, that means why can’t you celebrate this with us by providing pro version for free???

  12. I knew it guys it would be you and it is you best. I love you guys make such apps and keep customers happy hope you do as now…

  13. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur besten App !
    Danke, dass Ihr sie uns zur
    kostenlosen Verfügung stellt! Liebe Grüße R. B.

  14. Мне очень нравиться приложение! Очень необычное,яркое,неординарное оформление фотографий! Спасибо!

  15. I like the app very much but why can’t I use the “pale man” transformation in the face montages section? & u should add more on face montages.

  16. I love this app I use it all the time. We need cooler stuff. Bring back the butterfly wings over the eyes!! Epic haven’t seen it in a long time. I love this app.

  17. Ma ne da ste dobri nego odlični!
    Svaka vama čast i poštovanje vama imsvima koji koriste photo lab.ziveli

  18. Congratulations !! Looks like the app has jumped into a huge puddle and is going to land in the footsteps of superimpose , afterlight , youcam perfect , youcam makeup , photogrid , phonto , eraser / cut / paste , picsart , repix and a lot of other popular and most used apps .Bright future awaits .Update , give some changes , give more offers and features and creative designs .I have a great experience using photo lab .It makes my photo look gorgeous with the effects and unique designs .I recommend it as a unique app among all for all of its unique effects and designs .Photo lab deserved the award from google for being the best application of the year 2017 , in my opinion .I think photo lab has improved a lot this year .Take a greeting from me and wish so you can work more in the future to make it better and to achieve something .Best of luck!

    Lots of love ,
    ~~ Nahla ♡

  19. Фотолаб действительно классный сайт, можно так преобразить свое фото, что раньше даже не мечтал ось!!!

  20. Los felicito y soy la fotógrafo de la familia, lo uso todo el año, por cumpleaños y varios eventos. Ahorita hago las fotos navideñas de toda mi familia. Que sómos unas 90 personas

  21. Congratulations Photo Lab. For your great achievement, you have made of my photos an incredible and excellent wonder. Keep in that way. God bless you. Greetings from Guatemala

  22. C’est une excellente application et facile à utiliser notamment pour utiliser les effets et textes

  23. Приложение супер,мне очень понравилось,желаю вам удачных и интересных разработок.

  24. I am one of many that absolutely love my Photo Lab. I have so much fun with it, editing my own pictures and making them look even better than they already did. Thanks Photo Lab…

  25. I just got it not too long ago and the app is great I’m glad that it came out as one of the best of this year!! Way to go

  26. Este foi o melhor app para fotos que eu já baixei eu tenho todos recursos que eu preciso para meu trabalho

    Estão de parabéns que criou este app
    Agradeço a todos e equipe foto lab

  27. Mis amistades siempre me agradecen cuando les mando sus fotos modificadas con Photo Lab…
    Me gusta mucho su app…

  28. I love this app.It’s so good, I always look for new pics as I love redoing photos..There’s always great ones, just can’t afford to go Pro. I wish…

  29. j’utilise photo lab tout les jours.Bravo,mais j’ai besoin d’être récompensé aussi pour cela.n’est ce pas?

  30. When I first downloaded photo lab it gives you the option to see all the effects, but you can only use certain ones. I was then given a choice for a free 3 day trial. It was the trial that got me using the app and filters which has made me continue to use the app and buy a subscription.

  31. Tra le app grafiche che utilizzo nel mio dispositivo….posso dire che “Foto Lab”é la migliore in assoluto, sia come fantasia…sia come colori…!
    I miei contatti sono strabiliati e mi chiedono:”ma come fai…?”…manco fossi io…!!
    Ma la bacchetta magica c’è l’ha “Foto lab “….!!
    Cordialmente : Emanuele Denti

  32. Excellent! Photo Lab deserves this over all apps! Great Job Photo Lab!!!! And thanks for sharing your genius and letting everyone share theirs too!


  34. Felicitaciones, yo siempre estoy arreglando mis fotos y la aplicación de ustedes es lo máximo. En buena hora

  35. Sim vocês são ótimos! É para ajudá-los, a se manter nesta classificação de bons. Vou dar a minha sugestão.
    Vocês já pensaram na ideia de, alterar o fundo das fotos? Alterando e dando como sugestão imagens: de cidades, países, paisagens, paisagens com aventura.
    Explicar melhor, nos termos uma foto simples e, tiramos todo o fundo. Colocamos escalando a torre Eiffel.
    Espero que eu tenha sido Clara e, também tenha ajudado.

    E para deixar ainda mais claro, eu adorooooooo este aplicativo.

    Grata, por querer saber da minha opinião. Abrindo este espaço.

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