Keep sunlight in your pocket with Photo Lab & LakhtaSun

Photo Lab and the Lakhta Center have introduced the product of their special collaboration –  LakhtaSun photo filters, created to make any photo bright and colorful as rainbow. How did it all start and why it’s all about sun and rainbow? Let us shed some light on that.

Keep sunlight in your pocket with Photo Lab & LakhtaSun

The Lakhta Center is located in Saint-Petersburg, which is known for its melancholic mood and monochrome landscapes. Having become the highest building in Europe (over 374 meters), the Lakhta Center offers a breathtaking panoramic view with an opportunity to watch the sun even on cloudy days, and to witness the unique circular rainbow phenomenon. This extraordinary phenomenon has become a starting point for the brand new collaboration called LakhtaSun.

When photos taken from the Lakhta Centre’s height became enormously popular, the Center team decided to share the sunlight with the whole world. But no matter how amazing the idea of the photo filters was, the team lacked the solution that would bring the effects to people both on mobile and web. And Photo Lab became that solution.

The Photo Lab app supports users templates as one of their publicly available features, which means everyone (brand owners and regular users) can design their own effects using Photoshop and special Template Tool to share them with anyone via the app on iOS and Android or on the web via website.

That’s exactly how LakhtaSun photo filters were produced and brought to people all over the world. They were also provided with additional exposure in the Categories tab of the app when better visibility was vital for the company. The best part is that the filters are still accessible, so you can check & give them a go.

Keep sunlight in your pocket with Photo Lab & LakhtaSun
For Photo Lab team it is the first collaboration of this kind. We’re both glad and proud that everything worked as planned. Hopefully, other companies and brands will get inspired by this amazing experience and will keep this option in mind for their future marketing activities.

For more information on Photo Lab templates and designers tool, follow this link.