How to Enhance Your Photos with was designed to help you enhance your images with ease. In this post, we are going to reveal little tricks and secrets on how to do it and what to pay attention to while editing. For that purpose we’ve chosen a few unedited photos and used them to show how you can ‘rescue’ dull pics.

How to enhance pics online and for free with ease


These are the ordinary images with an average quality, but there is always room for improvement so let’s see what we can do to enhance them.

How to enhance an image on the example of a photo with mother and child cooking a cake How to enhance an image on the example of a photo of a sweet homemade cake


This pic has obvious problems with the exposure: it’s dull and colorless. To correct it we go to the ‘Exposure’ toolset and gently move the ‘Brightness’, ‘Contrast’, and ‘Highlights’ sliders. We moved the ‘Shadows’ slider just a bit in order to avoid losing details in the dark areas of the image. Be sure to click on the ‘Apply’ button in the end to save the changes.

How to adjust exposure, brightness and contrast online


Useful tip: you can move the sliders with a mouse or with arrow buttons on your keyboard (in this case you’ll achieve more accurate corrections).

If you wish, you can go to the ‘Color’ toolset and adjust the color temperature of the image, for example, to make the tints warmer. In the example below, we increased the color temperature from 6500 to 6600.

How to adjust colors, color temperature, hue and saturation in photo online


After that, you can look at the image once again, and adjust it if necessary. E.g., we decided to make it lighter (for that we entered the Exposure toolset once again). A nice pic is the result!

How to correct exposure: brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights online


If you wish to turn your portrait into a profile pic, you may want to crop it. The ‘Crop’ tool includes a useful grid that helps you to choose proper proportions. Follow the ‘Rule of Thirds’ and place points of interest at the intersections or along the grid lines.

How to crop a pic properly to create a marvelous profile pic Cute profile pic with a little girl cooking a sweet cake


Let’s Enhance the Second Picture

Look at the picture of a sweet homemade cake. At the moment, it seems rather dim.

A homemade cake with berries, adorned with strawberries


To solve this problem we adjust brightness and contrast. The pic looks better but now we see violet shadows on the left plate. This problem can be easily solved in the ‘Colors’ toolset with ‘Hue’ and ‘Temperature’ tools (compare the shadows in the first and the second pics).

How to enhance exposure the example of a photo with mother and child cooking a cake How to adjust colors on the example of a photo of a sweet homemade cake

At the end, we sharpen the image a little and the pic is ready!

Sharping a photo of a sweet homemade cake

Do you like it? Then enhance you own photos with

Photo effects, stickers, frames, text captions, and other cool tricks

Currently there are a number of basic effects on that can be used to change the look of your photo. They offer very flexible editing as all effects can be easily adjusted according to your needs. There is also the ‘Paint Mode’ option, which opens up a wide field to your creativity.

Here is the simplest example of what you’ve done with the ‘Sepia’ and ‘Black and White’ effect, and the ‘Paint mode’ option. We’ve also added a nice frame and a short caption to turn images into stylish greeting cards.

Sepia photo effect with color isolation effect are used to design a beautiful photo card Black and white photo effect together with the color isolation effect are used to create a stylish greeting card


Another useful tip: while using ‘Black and white’ or ‘Sepia’ effects take into account the fact that these effects don’t influence stickers and text captions. If you wish to convert them as well, you need to save your image and upload it once again.

And here you can see how funny your images can look when you adorn them with stickers.

Making of a b-day greeting card with online stickers Designing birthday photo card with stickers
Making of a travel photo card with funny online stickers Designing love photo card with romantic stickers

Have you already tried Then share your experiences and ideas on how to improve it in the comments.

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