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The Editor.Pho.to service is developing rapidly and now we want to tell you about a bunch of cool new features. Recently we’ve written a big post about the tips and tricks of basic photo correction by the means of Editor.Pho.to. But the new release calls for another useful guide, so here we are with a detailed review of all new features in our online photo editing service that you may like.

How to enhance pics online and for free with ease


By the way, if you have already tried Editor.Pho.to, be sure to share your experiences and ideas on how to improve it in the comments.

Brand New Feature — Photo Textures

Meet the all-new feature on Editor.Pho.to — lighting textures that imitate glittering bokeh effects or beautiful light trails.

Online lighting texture effects for free Bokeh effects come in different shapes and colors: hearts, stars, light bubbles and snowflakes. Light trails can cover the whole image, or just a part of it, with shining lighting textures.

Texture effects come with a full-featured editor that gives you a number of options. You can change a texture’s scale and positioning, erase some elements or paint them back in the ‘Paint mode’, choose the general toning of an overlay and experiment with different blending modes.

In more depth, the ‘Erase’ option is very handy. E.g., if you want to adorn a portrait with the light effects, use the eraser to remove bokeh sparkles or light trails from models’ faces (like we did in the examples below). Besides this, the ‘Positioning’ toolset is also useful: it lets you change the direction of light trails and the placement of bokeh sparks.

Use the new ‘Textures’ effects to design shining greeting cards or to give a new look to your favorite images.

Wedding photo card with bokeh effect applied online Adorn your love story photos with beautiful lighting trails effects
Wedding photo card with bokeh effect applied online


New Level of Color Enhancement

With this update, the flexibility of color enhancement is raised to a higher standard. New tools let you fix each color separately and the ‘Paint mode’ can be used to edit certain areas of the image.

Have a look at the example below.

How to enhance color on a photo with the red rose flower online and with ease


In editing this photo, we decreased the greenish tints of the rose petals. For that, we opened the ‘Colors’ toolset, raised the red color and decreased the green and blue colors. Then we activated the ‘Paint mode’ by checking it, chose ‘Reverse effect’ and selected the brush. With it, we could quickly edit certain areas of the image, like rose petals, leaving the surrounding green leaves untouched.

How to enhance colors on photo with free online photo editor


As you can see, the foliage in the background of the resulting image is still unnaturally blue. We’ve left it unchanged, so if you want to practice you can download this picture and adjust it on your own. Just correct the leaves’ color, and then choose the ‘Eraser’ tool in the ‘Paint mode’ to remove unnecessary tints from the rose petals.

New Funny Stickers

Meet new funny stickers for non-stop creativity! Use them to turn ordinary images into cute greeting cards or hilarious pictures.

Love photo card with funny stickers was made online with the help of free photo editor Easter photo card with funny stickers designed online with free photo editor
Reveal the power of your imagination with free online photo editor packed with fancy stickers


Another interesting feature for your consideration: you can change the color of every sticker in the new ‘Love Stamps’ collection. To choose the desired color, use the ‘Color picker’ or ‘Eyedropper’ tools.

New collection of love stickers given in the free online photo editor


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