Follow Your Art… All over the World!

WOW! 🎉 Our two most popular apps, Photo Lab and ToonMe, have been going viral in many countries for a second week in a row now! 

The buzz started with ToonMe becoming #1 app Overall on both the App Store and Google Play in Romania 🇷🇴. Photo Lab, in its turn, hit #1 Overall in both stores in Dominican Republic a week later. 🇩🇴 Soon afterwards, North and South America stepped in and joined the fun!🌎

As we said before, art can reach across all boundaries! This time, users from many countries both in Europe and America fell in love with our ‘Follow Your Art’ filter 🎨 Combos containing this art style quickly became viral and crowded the top of the Trending list in the app!

We are really happy to see that this art style has appealed to people’s hearts all over the world.😊 If you haven’t tried it with your photos yet, go ahead and click on any picture below to apply the same combo to your photo. ⬇️✨