Looking back into 2021: Evolution of our AI algorithms 🤖

The Photo Lab team (together with smart AI technologies up their sleeve) have been working hard all year to deliver the best of photo editing experience to every mobile device user! Let’s look back to 2021 to highlight what has been done!

Sensational 3D toons 🎉

We all remember how ToonMe skyrocketed overnight at the very beginning of 2021 and became #1 Photography app in more than 30 countries. Special AI-driven algorithms inside the app made turning photos to cartoons a possible mission for anyone!

Cutest 3D Disney-like avatars really won people’s hearts and became a major trend on social media. Later on, we kept on adding more and more toony styles and layouts to let you choose a cartoon style that suits you the most. 

And just a few weeks ago, our ‘Toon Me in Detail’ filter (together with its variations ‘Toony Vertigo’  and ‘What Happens In A Bubble’) became the cream on the crop of our toony portraits. Without false modesty, we believe it is one of the best masterpieces created by our AI artist in this particular style. 💪 First of all, because the results show a fairly high level of resemblance to original photos. And secondly, because unlike their predecessors, these filters can toon the detail in photos (hair, accessories etc.) pretty well!

All-new figure detection ✂️

Another step forward worth mentioning is that we significantly improved our human figure detection option. Just in case you don’t know what it’s about, this is the technology used in effects like smart filters, background change effects, hair & clothes makeover effects, ‘Figure It Out’ collages, body animations and more. The smart algorithm detects and ‘cuts out’ a human figure (or head outlines) from your selfies so that a certain effect could be applied to it. 

In the example below you can see how it used to work, and how it works now. The difference is huge, isn’t it? 

It’s all in the details 😉

We never forget to develop our AI art further, as well. This year it has become clear that it’s not only the portrait style itself that matters, but also the background. Compare the portrait filters below. Even though the face styles are almost the same, it’s the watercolor touch that made the ‘Even Better Than The Real’ effect viral in almost the entire Africa. 

Cartoons got their bodies! 🕺

At some point we thought that our much loved toony portraits could not possibly get funnier… But this year they got something that made them even more hilarious 🤩 They got their fancy and toon-tastic bodies! 

We started with funny scenes showing people’s personal styles, hobbies, holiday costumes and activities, travel experiences and even much talked-of TV show characters. And later on, as soon as the holiday season started, we added a joyful bunch of winterful scenes with jolly characters & festive backgrounds.

Go ahead and try on some winter looks or even turn your selfies into cutest New Year e-cards! 🍾🥳❄️

Card #1 Card #2 Card #3