Level up your messaging experience with Photo Lab team

It’s high time to get something fresh, fun, and flashy to adorn your online communication with and even make it more effective. Why now? Because we are here to introduce our new product – Emolfi Keyboard, which is a selfie-based sticker keyboard for all messengers and social networks.

Emofi Keyboard

It’s not by chance we decided to make our own keyboard. First of all, we live in the world of technologies, where every third person has a smartphone, and chances are you are using one too to read our blog at the moment. In addition, did you know that according to free statistics, every person with a smartphone spends at least one hour per day chatting in messengers? With those facts in mind, it’s no wonder we chose to develop something that would make chatting experience more enjoyable and interesting for you all.

What is Emolfi Keyboard?

Emolfi Keyboard is an additional keyboard for your smartphone that gives you a chance to generate dozens of cool and colorful personalized stickers from just one selfie. It also adds some emotions to your selfie along the way helping you to express your feelings better and making conversations look more realistic.

Add your text

Text attached. All languages friendly.

Are there any fans of the stickers with short catchy sayings? Cheers! However, we often wish we could change them or add our own. And that’s something Emolfi Keyboard is capable of too: type anything in the input line (in any language keyboard), switch to Emolfi Keyboard and see the text as a part of all the stickers. Easy-peasy. 😉

Fully customizable

Your stickers can change with you and there are two ways to do it. The first is to update the source photo itself. This will re-create all packs with your new selfie. The other way looks more like an adjustment. Remember we mentioned emotions applied to your photo automatically? You can re-take photos for each of the emotions too.

Sounds like fun? Then go try it! But whichever approach you choose remember that previously created stickers will be deleted save for those you recently sent.

Where and how stickers can be used?

Having been designed as a native keyboard, Emolfi can be used wherever you might need it – messengers, social networks, or even browsers. Generate your stickers and enable Emolfi Keyboard in Settings (full access required) – you are all set. Now simply switch to the Keyboard in an app, choose a sticker to copy, paste it in the text field, and send.

Emolfi Keyboard is available for download on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Of course, we feel a bit nervous launching a new mobile app but we hope that it will meet your expectations and Emolfi Keyboard will become your best stickers supplier starting now.