Love is in the air! Wait… Love is in Photo Lab!

February is said to be the most romantic month of the year. Everyone knows the reason – on February 14, the Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost all over the globe.

Love Cards

As one of the main e-card ideas suppliers, Photo Lab team is ready to share our best Valentine templates and tips on romanticizing your photos.

P.S. remember that our seasonal tab with over 200 edits is now open 😉

1. Add some Valentine’s Day hues

Pink and red are the most popular colors associated with love. According to that, our “Amethyst”, “Lavender Blossom”, and “All in Pink” effects from the “Color & Lighting Filters” category are likely to be on top during the season.

All the combos below contain at least one of the forenamed filters. And you know what to do – tap to find these and more in our tab 😍

2. Romantic bokeh wouldn’t go amiss

Focus on important things only – apply the “Bokehful” effect in the “Amazing Backgrounds” category. If you prefer classic bokeh style (with no background change involved), then get ready to go PRO and access over 100 additional effects including “Light Bokeh” and one of the most popular Valentine’s Day effects of ours – the “Heart Bokeh” overlay.

Here are the combos demonstrating the bokehs. What do you think of them?

3. FRAMazing V-card!

The easiest way to create a simply perfect Valentine e-card is to apply a simply amazing photo frame offered by Photo Lab 😉 All you have to do is pop into the following categories: “New Reality”, “Simple Frames”, “Amazing Frames” and choose a frame or effect you prefer to apply to your image. Or maybe you’ll fall in love with these ready-to-go ideas below from the “Love Cards” tab

4. Animate your together forever photos

No special tools needed! Our app animates a photo in a click. Check out the “GIF” category and don’t forget about three GIF effects in “Amazing Frames”. We are sure your sweetheart is gonna like it!

5. Let love be everywhere

No jokes! Love should not be in the air only. Make your Valentine e-card one-of-a-kind: express your feelings in a new way with four appropriate effects in the “Makeover” category! “Love is in the Hair”, “Flowers in my Hair”, “Lipstick Kisses on Face” and “In the Mood for Love” are waiting for you ❣️

6. Your background isn’t romantic at all?

Not a problem! Dozens (or even hundreds 😱) of ideas are available in our seasonal tab. Do you like the ideas below? They are all taken from the tab. Great, huh?

7. Want something more?

Have you ever seen those outstanding overlays and double exposures in the Photo Lab feed? They are absolutely awesome!
P.S. For those Photo Lab users who haven’t seen them yet, we’ve found some great examples and are ready to show them 😍

Go to “Love Cards” and get an unforgettable e-card in a click!

8. Valentine’s Day timeless classics

If you cannot imagine the holiday without a heart-shaped Valentine then the following effects are definitely made for you: “Heart Shaped Cloud” and “Figured Heart” from “Amazing Frames”, “Pencil Drawing on a Heart” in “Drawing vs Photography”, and “Heart in Hands” from “Simple Frames”. Tap here to find more combos.

We’ve listed the most popular ways to romanticize your photos and make this Valentine’s Day really special. For more ideas, go to the Photo Lab seasonal tab and enjoy all the lovely combos our users create.

💞 We love you! Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! 💞