Photo Lab: game-changing features you must know about

Even if you usually read all our what’s new texts that go with every Photo Lab update on major app stores, this post can still be worth your while. We did our best to illustrate the highlights of the most recent features with stunning examples in the hope of inspiring you for the most outstanding reworks.

New wings in stock. And more.

We believed you could fly and made a step forward to fulfill your dream by giving you all sorts of wings possible – angel’s (goes with a halo of course), butterfly’s, fairy’s, dragon’s, or tiny doodle-style ones with a cute little crown.

Photo Lab app: effects powered by AI skeleton segmentation

The described effects are based on skeleton detection. There are other templates powered by the same technology. For example, you can easily make butterflies flutter all over your body. For more check the ‘Photo Props’ category.

Your skies, your rules.

You should have already got used to the fact that everything is possible with Photo Lab. And starting recently we can control the skies above your head too. While it’s not gonna happen in real life and time so far, we can do it in your photo without a doubt.

Of course, it would be silly and unprofessional to just replace the skies without adjusting the atmosphere in the pic, so we do both and you are getting a kind of otherworldly image. Or exactly otherworldly.

Photo Lab app: effects powered by AI sky segmentation

Look for other sky changing effects in the ‘New Reality’ group.

What if your pet could take a selfie…

Then Photo Lab would be the first app your fluffy friend would choose to adorn it with. Thanks to our new animal face detection technology we now can add adorable props to your cats and dogs faces – that’s what guaranteed, but you are free to give a go to other animals as well. It’s a whole group full of various kinds of realistic stickers to play with!

Photo Lab app: effects powered by AI animal face segmentation

Here’s just a small portion of cuteness, and you know where to go after even more. 😉

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