Getting Ready for Children’s Day with Awesome Photo Frames for Kids

Since 1950, June 1 has been celebrated as International Day for Protection of Children in many countries. This holiday is also honored on November 20 because on this date in 1989 the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Greeting cards for kids


Summer is round the corner and children are among those who love it especially. That’s why we’ve decided to write this post now, to get you ready for Children’s Day and vacation time with your child.

Cute Photo Frames in Cartoon Style

Lift your mood by designing cheerful photo cards for little rascals and goody-goodies. They’ll make you smile even years later when your kids grow up and leave home to enter college or university.

Photo frame for kids with playful cartoon dogs Baby photo frame for Children's Day


Cute photo frame for kids with cartoon horses Kids photo frame with a cartoon elephant artist
Happy Horses photo frame and Elephant Artist photo frame.


Are you making a birthday card? Here are some funny photo frames in a cartoon style that will perfectly rise to the challenge.

Cute photo frame for kids to congratulate on their birthday Photo frame with birthday sweets for children
Birthday Owls photo frame and Yummy photo frame.


Delicate Frames for Little Ones

Do you have a new arrival at home? Make a baby shower card with our gentle spring frames and send them to everybody who is sharing this joy with you.

Cartoon photo frame for little ones with cartoon rabbits and flowers Baby photo frame with cartoon birds
Rabbits in Flowers photo frame and Spring Birds Song photo frame.


Kids photo frame with cartoon birds Make a baby shower photo card online and for free Baby Shower photo frame with cute cartoon kittens
Birdie photo frame, Baby photo frame and Cute Kittens photo frame.


Meet Funny Characters from Famous Animated Cartoons

Let your children enter a cartoon world and become friends with Shrek, Rio, Winnie the Pooh, Ramy, and other amazing creatures (even if only in photos). Be sure to check other frames and effects on the ‘For Kids’ page at to find even more amazing ideas.

Animated photo frame for children with Shrek characters Children photo frame with Rio the parrot
Shrek Friends photo frame and Rio photo frame.


Christmas photo frame for children with Winnie the Pooh animations characters Children photo frame with Ratatouille characters
Winnie the Pooh photo frame and Ratatouille photo frame.


Reveal your Super Powers with!

Everybody has a super power of their own deep inside! We know it for sure. In literally seconds you can become one of the legendary heroes from popular movies. Choose your favorite character from the rich collection of face montages on and get ready for hilarious transformations!

Yoda from Star Wars face photo montage Darth Vader from Star Wars photo montage
Yoda and Darth Vader face photo montages.


Free online face in hole of Iron man Free online Hulk face in hole
Iron Man and Hulk face photo montages.


Free online face in hole of Tron photo montage Free online Jack Sparrow face in hole
Tron and Pirate of the Caribbean face photo montages.


Magical Photo Frames for Little Readers

Come into the enchanting world of fairy tales with Above all, children are into enchanted stories about fairies, genies and miracles. Let them touch the magic with our photo montages!

Free online photo frame with genie lamp from 'Arabian nights' tales Free online photo frame for kids with a little fairy and a treasure box
Genie Lamp and Fairy Treasure photo frames.


Magical photo frame with a green valley view for kids Free online photo frame for children with a magical castle
Magic Valley and Medieval Castle photo frames.


Kids and Animals: The Double Dose of Cuteness!

Children just love animals. They are also fond of colorful costumes and amazing transformations. We cannot make a costume for your little one, but we do can turn them into a furry cat, a white rabbit, a smiling tiger or a little bird with the help of our cute “Human-to-Animal” photo montages.

Become a little bird online and for free Turn yourself into a funny tiger online
Bird and Tiger photo montages.


Become a little white rabbit online and for free Turn yourself into a lazy cat online
Rabbit and Lazy Cat photo montages.


The two funny effects shown below are very cute, don’t you think? You can also make a photo card in a traditional style with a domestic cat with your child in mind. If you need something special to amaze your kids with, how about a portrait of them wearing a wild cat’s face paint?

Make a traditional greeting card with a cat from your own photos Put on a virtual face paint of a cat online
Cat Dreams and Wild Cat Face Paint photo montages.


It’s Time for the Summer Vacation to Begin!

It’s the first day of summer already, so it may be a good idea to congratulate your little ones with a cheerful travel photo card and discuss your vacation plans.

Greeting photo card with blue ocean waters for kids

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The team wishes you all a very happy Children’s Day!

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