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Artistic photo effects, mind-blowing photo montages, vintage photo frames and many more new photo templates await you on With our photo effects you can let your special ones know that they are on your mind and in your heart, support and amuse your friends and easily amaze all of your followers on social networks. See for yourself!

New artistic photo effects, amusing photo montages and vintage photo frames on the free online photo editor called


Shake Reality with Our Marvelous Artistic Effects

Our collection of ‘Photo vs Reality’ montages has been updated with three artistic effects. Add a gentle touch to your images with new ‘Photography vs Watercolor’ effect…

Photography vs watercolor painting free online photo montage Artistic photo montage to turn photo into delicate watercolor painting


…unleash your creativity with amazing ‘Torn Color Pencil Sketch’ effect…

Turn your photo into a color pencil sketch drawn on a torn paper. Artistic photo montage in Ben Heine's style to turn your photo into a color pencil sketch drawn on a torn paper


…or reveal your burning spirit with hot ‘Burning Sketch’ photo effect.

Turn your photo into a burning pencil sketch. Blazing photo montage in pencil vs reality style for hot and dangerous
Spice your photos with new artistic effect that will turn it into a blazing sketch. Turn your pics into burning pencil sketches


Meet Impressive Maritime Themed Photo Montages

Miss your loved one badly? Send a message in a bottle and ask to ‘rescue’ you from everyday routine with our new funny photo montage.

Send romantic love card in maritime style with your own photos Make a love card with sea, shells and your photo placed into a glass bottle


Unite underwater and air worlds together in one fantastic photo montage with the help of new ‘Half Underwater’ photo effect.

Imitate the over-under and split shot photography with our free maritime theme photo collage Place your photo half underwater with our free online photo montage


For All Who Are in Love

Send a romantic surprise to your dearest one: combine portraits of you two into one lovely photo collage and share it via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram. This photo effect can also be used to make a beautiful wedding card.

Make romantic love card or wedding greeting card online and for free Beautiful love frame for two photos with a heart and champagne glasses


Amusing Photo Montages

Sometimes we need a special tool to see the most important things. Unusual ‘View Through the Glasses’ photo montage will help you focus viewer’s attention on the main subject of your photo in a funny and playful way.

Look at the world clearly with our glasses photo montage Make unusual photo montage with View through the Rayban Glasses photo montage


Have you ever wanted to see your face carved on the Mount Rushmore? No more you need to make the world reel and become a famous US president to get there. Become a granite sculpture in seconds with our ‘Mount Rushmore’ face photo montage.

Carve your portrait in the Mount Rushmore with our free face photo montage


Vintage Photo Frames for Romantic Souls

This retro picture collage with old French postcards and aged book can be used to create beautiful photo gifts in vintage style. Be ready to astonish your friends and family with our new ‘Old French Book and Postcards’ photo collage. Très bien!

Unite two photos in one vintage love card with old French book and postcards Vintage book frame for two photos adorned with old French postcards


The last but not least: this beautiful photo frame will make your photo a part of a delicate still-life in vintage style.

Place your your photo into a still-life photo frame in vintage style Turn your photo into vintage image adorned with books and flowers with the help of our online photo frame


That’s it for today. Stay in touch as we are making a lot of new photo effects right now. You can subscribe to our news and tutorials on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram.