Wedding Photo Frames and Effects: For the Special Day in Your Life

Every wedding photo shoot ends up producing hundreds of photos, but only a few dozen are edited by the photographer. Meanwhile, the rest of the photos remain unchanged. They’re usually kept on a flash or hard drive and rarely looked at. But what if you could change that?

On, you can quickly give forgotten images a new look without needing any special skills. If your wedding day was recent and your photos are not forgotten, our filters and effects will doubtlessly be helpful, too. Simply upload as many pictures as you like and enjoy the results. Let’s take a look at what you can do with our wedding photo frames and effects.

Best photo effect for your wedding photos


Wedding photo frames for two photos

These double photo frames can be used to make thank-you cards adorned with photos of the bride and groom. You can send them after the celebration to thank everybody who shared your day of joy with you. Have a wedding coming up? Consider making an unusual wedding invitation with your own photos and one of our romantic picture effects.

Easily make a thank you wedding card with your photo Wedding invitation presented as a message in a bottle.

Or you can create elegant pictures that give a new look to your wedding photos.

Bride and groom reflected in champagne glasses Wedding double-photo frame
Two loving hearts - creative post-processing Wedding photos in a retro book surrounded with vintage postcards.


Make a new story from your wedding photos

Do you want to fill your photos with the spirit of adventure? Or maybe you’d like to add a different flavor to the storyline depicted in your shots? You can do it all here. Fly high in the sky with angels or give your photo a nautical theme with our cool photo frames.

Two angels holding a newlyweds photo Wedding photo in nautical-styled photo frame.

Alternatively, you try out one of our still-life photo cards, all adorned with beautiful flowers.

Marriage photo into a charming syringa frame Easily make a rustic-style wedding photography with this poppies frame.

You can also give a touch of vintage to your wedding photos with our retro effects or even appear on the cover of Wedding magazine—all with a simply click.

'Retrify' your wedding photo with this film effect. Get on a Wedding mag cover instantly!

Or slip into your spouse’s shoes, even if only in photos, by humorously trying on his mustache or her glasses.

Hipster glasses for a groom. Hipster mustache for a bride.


Fancy backgrounds show off your beauty

Photos taken at home often have awkward backgrounds. Some even capture wedding preparations that the bride would prefer hadn’t been photographed. If you want to obscure that mismatched wallpaper behind you and your loved ones, then choose one of our romantic, festive or floral backgrounds.

Beautiful heart bokeh background for bride's photo Ballons background effect to hide certain details.
Blue butterflies and lilac flowers over a photo Bell-flowers and crocuses background photo effect.


Illuminate your photos with festive lights

We have holiday lights for every time of day. Choose the ‘Light Bokeh’ effect for soft photos in daylight or the festive ‘Fireworks’ frame for gorgeous nighttime photos.

Light bokeh photo effect for a bride's photo Add fireworks to your wedding, even if only in a photo.


Add delicate color filters to photos of your special day

Coloring can completely change the atmosphere of any picture. Try different colors to find the one that expresses exactly the mood you want.

Beautiful soft lilac photo effect for a couple. Kids at wedding
Beautiful retro sepia post-processing. Nicely filtered photo of newlyweds.
Guests at wedding dancing in lilac haze (photo filter applied).


Gentle photo effects for her

These soft, tender effects put beautiful wedding dresses and accessories in perfect harmony. Simple and light, they make the bride the center of the composition and don’t overload your pictures with details.

Beautiful bride's photo into lace photo frame. Wedding lock photo template.
Wedding march photo frame applied.

Wedding photography is a kind of aesthetic symphony, in which the bride and groom can enjoy classical, polished photos of themselves. Even the most creative couples prefer to have romantic images as well as ones with a more personal touch. The Wedding page on contains elegant, romantic, and even playful effects that suit every taste, so be sure to check it out for more templates.

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