phoTWO app: Make Cool Selfies and Bright Photo Stories

Do you remember we announced the release of our dual camera app for iOS? We are proud to tell all Android users that phoTWO is already available on Google Play! The app helps you make a stylish dual cam collages by adding a portrait photo to a previously taken image. You can also take photos with both front and rear cameras in optional order. Editor mode now works all the time. Besides, phoTWO for Android has acquired a decent collection of photo frames. You can share your photos to a number of popular social networks right from the app. The last but not least, phoTWO is absolutely free.

New dualcam photo camera app for Android


What Can You Do with phoTWO?

With phoTWO you’ll take attractive selfies, make bright photo reports of a tourist trip or tell your friends what a good day you and your pet had today. Here you’ll find a number of great photos taken with phoTWO app and tips on how to use the app. We also used photos published by phoTWO users on Instagram as illustrations for this post. Read and enjoy!

Traveling Photos

Look at the shots below. Images, similar to the first one, are often taken when we go to museums and art galleries, visit zoos and oceanariums, shoot interesting places on vacation, etc. When you take this kind of shots, you often have to choose what to focus on: a person’s face or the object of interest in the background. Depending on the distance between the two objects, one of them will look worse: either the model can look small or unfocused or the scenery/object at the background can seem diffused and cropped. We say: don’t choose. Make photos with phoTWO and get the best result just in a few clicks. Look at the example below. It shows how this image would look like if the photo were taken with phoTWO.

A tourist girl standing near Big BenA tourist girl standing near Big Ben

Here are some cool examples of what one can do with phoTWO app:

Tourist standing near the mountain lake A girl with stylish nail artA young woman enjoys summer and spaFriends spend time together


Ideas for Traveling Photography: Dual Cam Collages with phoTWO

We often take hundreds of photos when we travel. Some scenery shots may look boring as is, without the photographer face. For example, there are many photos of Eiffel Tower. Taking another one can be senseless unless you add your excited face to the image. Liven up the image by adding a selfie with phoTWO!

Having fun on a roller coaster A happy couple near the Fallen Superman monumentA young man stands near the Eifel Tower, Paris


Never Stay on the Wrong Side of the Camera!

When you take a group shot the resulting image usually lacks your face, but now you can easily solve this problem. No, you don’t need a tripod. You don’t need a countdown timer either and you can forget about rushing to others while your camera is waiting to take a delayed shot. All you need is phoTWO.

So how does the app work? Simply take a photo of your family or friends playing Twister (eating pizza or whatever), then switch to the front camera and take a selfie. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to make the proper focus and proper face expression 😉 You can also ask you friends to take portrait photo of yours using rear camera, if you don’t like the quality which front cameras produce.

Mother and daughter take funny selfie in cafe A young girl has fun with friends in a tourist trip


Tasty Selfies… Very Tasty!

Do you take selfie photos for your Instagram, Flickr or Facebook accounts? Now, with the help of phoTWO you can make your selfie even cooler by adding a photo reference to where you are!. Look at the examples below. These all are selfies taken by our users!

Young beautiful girl sits in a car Young stylish girls takes selfie in a carPopular Korean actor and model Edward Zoo is taking selfie in different outfitsBeautiful blonde girl is taking selfie in a plane


OMG and WTF Photos

When you witness a situation that literally appeals to be photographed and commented, use phoTWO and comment on the event with your face expression.
Create new kind of demotivators and Internet memes, share your impressions from your friend’s mess in a dormitory room, comment on flash mob you faced with on the street or your friends’ epic fails, etc.

Girl dislikes mess in her friends room Guy is surprised by a team of cosplayersA young man is waiting until traffic jam disappearsMess in the room makes the teen girl upset


Shoot Twice to Create Stylish Collages

Selfie photos? That’s not all there is to it. You can also take two different photos that complement each other. You’ll get an image that reminds of popular Instagram collages but better!

Girls relax on the beach Holiday table waits for guestsA small kitten tries to climb on his masters hradA girl holds big Valentine's card in her hands


Several Interesting Tricks

@c_flower used phoTWO to show which cosmetics she puts on for her makeup. The resulting image is splendid; besides, it contains useful information.

A professional make up is already finished

If you have lenses for a smartphone you can get a very interesting image. @Eg0re took this photo using her fish-eye lens for the background image and standard front camera for the portrait shot.

How fish-eye lenses for smartphones change the image

Sharing food-porn photos is popular indeed! Taking a photo while eating a mouth-watering sushi set, or a gorgeous salad, or an awesome fondue can become a real delight both for your stomach and eye.

A young girl enjoys her fondue and takes selfie

As you can see, the app is designed to make photography experience funny and emotional and bring new life to the good old tradition of making impressive traveling photo albums. We are sure you’ll enjoy it!

Useful links:

  • to download phoTWO for Android, go to GooglePlay;
  • phoTWO for iOS is available on AppStore;
  • you’ll find a lot of funny and beautiful photos, taken with phoTWO, on our Instagram.

P.S. It would be great if you could share your photos taken with the help of phoTWO in comments.

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