Heartwarming Photo Editing Tips for Mother’s Day

Motherhood is a hard work of raising children and then letting them go and live their own lives. Mother’s day is the time to share love and warmth with mothers and wives and show them how much you value their contribution into your life, inasmuch as building a friendly family is a joint task for all of family members. There are thousands ways to make any mom feel special on Mother’s Day. In this post we are going to uncover some of them, including making personalized e-cards or artistic photo portraits that will definitely surprise her.

Mother taking her son to school

Beautiful Photo Frames for Your Family Photos

Apply a photo frame to one of your family photos to make a picturesque image. You can use it as a cover of a family photo-album or turn the image into a greeting card for your mother or wife.

A greeting card showing happy mother and son A greeting card for mothers in waiting

A family photo edited with watecolor frame emplate Mother and child photo placed into a stylish vintage frame A still life with a photo of happy mother and daughter


Combine Best Portrait Photos in One Impressive Collage

You can unite portrait photos of family members in one collage. If you often take photos of each other during family holidays, then, probably, you lack photos where all family members are all together. Its time to fix it!

Three portrait photos united in one beautiful photo collage A greeting card for the whole family on Mother's day

Experiment! For example, if you cut a photo into two pieces and unite them with the help of our collage templates you’ll get a completely new image with new surrounding and with a new message.

Photos of smiling mother and daughter pinned to a drying rope


Stylish Effects to Apply to Favorite Family Photos

Give a new look to your favorite family photos with the help of photo editing templates on Funny.Pho.to. Choose among 35+ effects featured in “Stylized effects”, “Sketches and Paintings” and “Featured Sketches and Paintings” sections of the website.

A happy family sitting on the beach A happy family on a poppy field Mother and child triptych


Making Mother’s Day Greeting Card: A Few Other Ideas

You can turn a common picture into a personalized greeting card. Does she spend hours watching TV shows about wildlife and is always moved by cute photos of pets? If yes, come up with a unique greeting card. Find touching images of birds and animals, add a personalized text and a snazzy photo frame and you’ll have the best card to congratulate her on the Mother’s day!

A greeting card for Mother's day showing a swans family A greeting card for Mother's day showing a birds family

A greeting card for Mother's day showing an animal family A greeting card for Mother's day showing a little lion cube

Think about editing a portrait photo in a way that emphasizes her inner features. Mothers are so much different. To embody your perception of the very mom, try to make a peculiar artistic portrait: choose the right photo template and edit mom’s portrait photo to make a surprising and pretty image. Every woman is special and you can show her what kind of spark shines in her eyes for you. Let us attract your attention to some templates:

  • mothers can be artistic

A photo of beautiful woman with her head covered with flowers A sketch of woman in waiting done in charcoal


  • they can be faery

A photo of beautiful pregnant woman with body artA photo of a woman that looks like a nymph


  • they have lots of unique and interesting hobbies

Book covers showing famous people A photo of a woman cooking tasty dishes

A photo of woman driving a bike


  • some dream of traveling around the world

Woman in Paris Woman portrait on Charles bridge

A photo of woman on London bus


  • there are even steampunk mothers!..

Steampunk family passes by A photo of mother and child on the display of steampunk-like decorated iPad

Say to your mother that she is the greatest and you love her so much. We wish you and your family a very happy Mother’s day.

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  1. This blog post has reminded my childhood memories with my mom. Greatly missed those days.

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