Special E-cards for your Mom on this Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday in UK and Ireland is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent; this year it is the 18th of March. Treat your Mom to something unique and special on this Mother’s Day! One of many ways to honour one’s mother is a self-made greeting card. Why not create a personal e-card with her photo at Funny.Pho.to? Here’s a few suggestions from us on how to create a unique card with your Mom’s photo.

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Android Market out, Google Play moves in

Google announced last week that its Android Market app store and its Google Music, Google Books, and Google Movies offerings have been integrated and rebranded as Google Play. Beginning Tuesday, the Android Market became known as the Google Play Store. So, if you wish to download the Pho.to Lab and Pho.to Lab PRO apps, do so at https://play.google.com/ – here are the links:

Pho.to Lab free app for Android Pho.to Lab

Pho.to Lab PRO for Android logo Pho.to Lab PRO

New model for Funny.Pho.to effects!

Hello everybody! Please help us choose a new Funny.Pho.to model (instead of our ex-model, Britney Spears). We need to know which of the 3 models you would like to see in effect previews at Funny.Pho.to. Please look at the sample photos below, decide which one suits the service best and and leave your vote HERE
Your opinion is important, so please spend a minute and vote!


PS According to user voting results, girl #2 got the maximum votes! We’ll change the previews soon, so you’ll see this new face in Funny.Pho.to previews!

How to Create a Customized Valentine E-card Online

With less than a week left until St. Valentine’s day, you start to get worried about what kind of gift you should prepare for your loved one.

Here we offer some tips on how to make a unique Valentine’s greeting online: a customized e-card with your own photos. Actually, you can find lots of ready-made Valentine e-cards on the net, but if you want something creatively different, welcome to http://funny.pho.to!

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Visage Lab: Beauty Laboratory for iPhone/iPad Owners

When it comes to facial photos, editing can take much time and effort. We all want to look ‘ideal’, you know… Pho.to started this year with a toothsome release for iPhone/iPad owners who’d like to enhance their portrait photos directly on their iDevices.

Imagine you could get a perfectly retouched photo with a single click! Then check out Visage Lab application for iPhone and iPad by VicMan LLC. It can do exactly this, and for free!

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Best Winter Avatars at Avatar.Pho.to

Winter holidays is the time when you want to change your usual avatar to something festive, winter-ish, and eye-catching =) Avatar.Pho.to is what you need to get exactly this result!

All you need to do is:

  • select an avatar template from a collection at http://avatar.pho.to/;
  • upload your photo;
  • and see it turning into an exclusive animated winter avatar!

So, upload your picture and…

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Winterize your photos with fun stickers

Merry Christmas to all Pho.to users! We’ve got even more winter fun for you! Now, when Christmas mood is in full swing, we’d like to offer a new Pho.to Stickers app to our Facebook users (please find it at http://apps.facebook.com/photostickers/). There are stickers of all kinds: you can add special occasion stickers to your photos like Birthday and Wedding stickers, or spruce up your profile picture with fun lips or a sparkling necklace.

But now is the time to get jolly and add some winter festivity to your photos!

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