On a round trip with Photo Lab!

Hey bro, wanna come round for some cool new effects in Photo Lab? Because we have to offer quite a few effects that will surely make the world go round 😉

Any ideas what we are talking about? OK, enough suspense! It’s our brand new circle effects that have become quite a trend recently (especially because they look so neat when combined with our AI Cartoon effects). You can find them (together with other effects) in the Figure It Out category in the Photo Lab app.

Why do people love these effects? We don’t know for sure, but probably because they are stylish, trendy and look super cool as profile pics. 😎

So, what are the circle effects about?

Quick tip: A click on any picture below will display ALL combos containing the shown effect.

🟡 Some of them are clean and elegant:

🌌 Some are filled with cosmic vibes:

✨ Some are all about sparkles, gold and neon:

🌿 As for these effects, nature itself inspired us to create them:

How to use the circle effects:

Feel free to combine them with whatever effects you think will look good with them. As we’ve said before, cartoon edits are exactly what the doctor ordered if you want to get that super duper classy look! But any other effects can also be ​brought into play. So let your imagination run wild and create your own combos, or use ready-made combos from the Photo Lab feed.

Quick tip: click on any picture below to apply the same combo to your photo.

When we say that someone is attempting to square the circle – we mean that he or she is trying to do the impossible. But nothing is impossible with Photo Lab and its fully customizable Circle in Square User Defined effect (the one with the coffee scum in its preview). This effect allows you to select a whatever-you-want background for the circle inside, and then choose another background for the outer area. Voila! The result depends only on your fantasy. You are strongly welcome to cartoonize your photo before applying the circle in square effect, as well as add other effects into your combo, if that’s what you are after 😉

Quick tip: click on any picture below to apply the same combo to your photo.

So, let your imagination play aROUND with your creativity and remember: once you join the Photo Lab community, you’ll be moving in the best circles, no doubt! 🙃