It’s Time! Meet Your AI Cartoon Self in Photo Lab

Cartoon portraits have been quite popular since… always. Tons of artists on Fiverr and other platforms are selling the opportunity to get your hand-drawn version within two or three days. Just choose a style and pay the bill.

You wish you had another option? An instant one? Now you have it! Photo Lab is proud to introduce first-ever AI-driven Cartoon Portraits maker.

It took us quite long – about six months of R&D work. Also, thousands of pictures were involved to train the networks. And we are extremely excited to announce that our next – yet first of its kind – AI-kid is ready to see the mobile world. Without a doubt, we are going to keep improving the technology (and we do now), because practice makes perfect and because there is always something to tune up in any neural network. Believe it or not, it’s a never-ending process.

So what you should know about our AI Cartoon Portraits

Instant and automatic

That’s why AI is an amazing thing. Professionally looking cartoon portraits are generated from a selfie automatically. And it takes less than a second. Enjoy perfect results in a variety of styles and colors.

Unique Cartoon Styles

There are several unique AI-powered cartoon styles that will be used to generate your final portrait. Equally perfect yet so different. Behind every style there is an independently trained neural network, based on its own model cartoon style.

Extended Range of Layouts

Though every style can be saved by itself we have added an option to adorn it further with additional layouts. Apply, compare and choose the best fit for your selfie and current mood.

Are you ready to meet your cartoon self? Get or update your Photo Lab app and go for it!

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