The Precious “4”: Cool New Arrivals on

We have four new templates to amaze you! With these new arrivals you can, for example add a lomo grunge effect to your photo. There is also a new awesome face painting that makes you look as a model at a huge make up festival and a marvelous frame with cute cartoon dogs. The last but not least comes a template with a funny squirrel, inspired by a famous Internet meme (do you remember the Banff Squirrel?).

New funny and unusual photo editing effects, frames, photobombs and collages on free online photo editing service

Click on images to open templates used to create them.


What kind of cat are you?

Reveal your inner red cat with the Wild Cat Face Painting template. This awesome effect lets you add a virtual mask of a cat to a face photo.

This virtual face paint lets users add a cat make up to face photos of kids and adults


The Squirrel Photobomb

In May 2009 Melissa Brandts and her husband Jackson were visiting the Lake Minnewanka at Banff National Park (Canada) when the story occurred. The couple decided to take a photo of themselves using a wireless remote shutter release when a curious little squirrel started to explore the area right in front of the camera. The Brandts could not but take the photo of the squirrell. Their camera captured an image with the little animal in focus. Very soon the photo went viral and the little beastie became the face of tourism for the Canadian town and park.

The original photo of famous Internet meme: the Brandts and Banff Squirrel

For all who wants to have a similar photo we now offer a special template called the Squirrel Photobomb which adds a curious squirrel to photos.

The squirrel photobomb adds a little curious squirrel to any of your photos


The New Stylized Effect

If you want to add a new look to your photos check the new arrival on Stylized Effects page on Funny.Pho.toGrunge Photo Effect. Surprise your friends and subscribers with a new stylish profile picture!

The grunge photo effect was used to add an underground mood to a photo of young female singer

A “MiMiMi” Doggy Frame for All Dog Lovers

This cute frame with playful dogs looks amazing when you add it to photos of your kids and youths playing on the green grass. It’s autumn now but you still have time for a picnic. Don’t miss this chance to have a good time and take awesome photos!

A green photo frame with cartoon dogs is applied to a photo of two cheerful children playing outside

New effects and tutorials are on the way and we’ll soon be ready to gladden you with even fresher arrivals! Stay in touch to read our news, tutorials and reviews. We are constantly working to share new interesting facts, tips and tricks on photographing with you.

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