How to Make Your Selfies Better: 4 Simple Ideas

We declare the fight against boring and monotonous selfies! Let your photos be unique and bright. You can find tips how to take a tasty selfie on our blog and here we’ll share some of the best Photo Lab effects for awesome selfies according to our users’ opinion.

Hom to make creative selfies

Go Surreal

It seems like you’ve tried everything: gym selfie, the “I saw a celebrity” selfie, the duckface selfie, the bed selfie and even selfie with a cat. And still your shots are not impressive and aren’t getting enough likes. Well, try to blow your followers’ minds with the help of the surreal photo montages. Here are some great examples from Photo Lab app’s users:

Hands over face

hands over face effect surreal photo effect for selfie hands over face effect for selfie

Photo credit: @funnywillfindyou, @jagamp, @lelepunk


Android and space invasion

droid photo effect Try on a Martian helmet photo effect
Photo credit:  @jagamp


Head explosion

head explosion photo effect
Photo credit:  @jebenben


Make Your Selfie Artistic

Can’t imagine your life without art? Show it in your selfie! Create a masterpiece with ‘Drawing vs Photography’ effects or try other sketches and drawings templates.  

artistic selfie Turn your selfie into a portrait Creative selfie


Try New Characters

If you are not ready for the surreal experiments, try face montages to find the new you. While others need to look for locations or costumes, you just need to take a selfie and edit it with one of the templates. And every day you can be a different person!

Go skiing

Become a skier
Photo credit:  @elyorm


Become a gangster

gangster photo effect Become a gangster in one click
Photo credit: @kimberly_yummy @ipokss


Save the humanity

Armagedon Photo Effect
Photo credit: @captain_micha


Turn into Hulk

Make your friends smile

Turn into Clown
Photo credit: @repensepessoa



The more — the better

Don’t stop on one effect or template. Try them all or even more than one. Create your own combinations of effects or use our tutorials. The result can be really stunning!

Cool Selfie Surreal Selfie Creative selfie

  ‘Hands over Face’ + ‘Ghost Forest’                 ‘Demon Eyes Effect’ + ‘Blue Alien Transformation’       ‘Pencil vs Camera’ + ‘Hipster Glasses and Mustache’


May your followers be impressed by your selfies. And if you want your photos to be featured on our blog or Instagram, just share the results of your photomanipulation with Photo Lab app in social networks adding #photolab.

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