How to Take a Tasty Selfie

Do you want to get a new avatar and attract new likes and comments to your social page? Then take a selfie, but a good selfie!

A small doll taking selfie at her birthday party

Photographed by Dan Forbes, edited with “Birthday owls” photo template.
The article includes a number of tips on taking attractive selfies. We also edited some of the photos, just for fun. Enjoy our tips and tricks on how to make your photos “Simply the Best!”

1. Choose proper lighting. The best time to take selfies is in the morning or in the early evening. At this time natural light is just as picturesque and scenic, as in any professional photo studio. If it is already dark but you really need to take the photo, come closer to a source of light.
Compare the lighting on these photos. Which one was taken at harsh daylight and which – during the sunset?

A charming blonde girl in swimming suit relaxes on a beachA charming blonde girl with a flower in her hair smiles on a beach

Hide the bad lighting problem with our Photo to Sketch templates. E.g.:

A small doll taking selfie at her birthday party

2. Relax, be sincere and emotional. You can make funny faces but do not overdo them.
Which of these photos is a “too much”?

A charming young girl is taking selfieSelena Gomez is making a cute duck face with glassesA tourist girl is taking a selfie in Rome

Try our new photo frames to make your selfies even more vivid and cheerful:

A sweet selfie of young girl framed with tender patternA selfie of a young torist girl framed with stylish photo templateSelena Gomez funny selfie framed with tasty photo template

3. Use bright colors for your hair and makeup to salt your photos. Think about putting on wigs and various accessories.

A collage of a girl with died red hairA selfie of a young  blonde girl from InstagramA young visagiste girl has put on a tearful make up of a Crybaby

Add different moods to photos with the help of our Lighting effects.

A collage of a girl with died red hair edited with romantic lighting photo templateA selfie of a young  blonde girl edited with Dawn Light photo templateA young visagiste girl selfie with a tearful make up edited with an Evening lighting photo template

4. Choose a proper background – no carpets, wallpapers, mirrors in WC and other things. It’s nice to have a lot of space behind as it helps to make the composition deeper. You can also think about interesting framing. Let the tree branches frame your head, or make double framing with a doorway and a window.

An autoportrait of famous Russian and Ukrainian artist Zinaida Serebryakova

Many say, that autoportraits were the first selfies. At this autoportrait the artist (Zinaida Serebryakova) uses the double framing method: there is a doorway behind her head which opens up to a light window on the background, located on the opposite wall of the next room. Such placing gives air and space to the picture.

Why not to try and do a similar image? You can even make it look like a real oil painting:

A selfie of a young girl with deep backgroundA selfie of a young girl turned to an oil painting with free photo to painting template


5. If your hands get to the pic, remember:
– they should look natural;
– nails must be neat;
– elegant manicure is an absolute “yes”;
– fingers should not be strangely cropped.

A selfie of young beautiful brunette

Make it like this!

6. While shooting keep the focus on your eyes. Diffused eyes often spoil the pic, besides, eyes tell a lot about your personality. Do not hide them, it’s almost a crime!

7. If you want to look slimmer just raise your hands and shoot a little bit from above. At the same time raise your chin and look at viewfinder from below. You’ll seem younger and slimmer from this angle.

A selfie of a beautiful young woman with raised chinA selfie of a beautiful young brunette with raised chin

Artistic effects are a perfect choice for those who want to make a stylish selfie.

A beautiful selfie turned to a charcoal sketch with online converterA selfie of a beautiful young brunette turned to pencil sketch with online photo modifier

8. A lot has been told about choosing a proper camera angle in portrait photography. Choose the angle that suits you the best. Photos below show how the wrong angle and a bit of grimacing can change girls’ appearances.

How a grimace changed the face of a pretty girlGrimacing, a young girl changes her face completely

(Photos are taken from Pretty Girls Ugly Faces web-page).

9. Try our camera app for iOS and Android, which is, in fact, an intelligent selfie maker!

A cool selfie with friendsA young girl's selfie with beautiful waterfall on the backgroundA  selfie shot of a girl wearing professional make up with cosmetics used to apply it

Hope, starting from now you’ll make the best selfie possible. Boost your Facebook and Instagram pages with great userpics and selfies!