Introducing Story Drawing

We are beyond excited to launch our new feature in Photo Lab and ToonMe apps!

Meet Animated Story Drawing Mode that shows the transition between the original version of your photo and the picture with effects applied. Let everyone enjoy watching your photo quickly, but smoothly turn into a cartoon or a drawn version of yourself within a few seconds.

This feature is now available in both Photo Lab and ToonMe apps and has been inspired by various videos of that kind on different social media. We know you might have a hard time creating it via third party tools, so we are happy to offer you this option right inside our applications.

All you need to do is apply any filter you like to your photo. Once
you get the result, hit the green “+” button in the bottom-right corner and select “Story Drawing Mode”. Voila!

Those creatives are perfect for your TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram stories. This is how you can surprise your friends and followers as well as gain more attention on social media!

By the way, this is just the beginning, so get ready for even more amazing stuff in the future!