How to get on the cover of a famous magazine

If you are young and ambitious, the idea of getting on the cover of a fashion magazine must sound appealing to you. But if you are not a top model or a rock star, the chances of this are next to impossible… breaks the rules! Now ANYBODY can become a cover girl (or boy)! That’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Select a magazine cover template from a collection here
2. Upload your photo
3. Get amazed with the instant result!

You are into fashion, beauty and style? Then get on the cover of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue or Marie Claire magazines:

You are saucy and hot? Then put your photo on a Playboy cover and play cool:

Of course, we’ve got magazine cover templates for guys, too! What about inserting your face photo into the Men’s Health cover or becoming a cover model of GQ magazine?

Remember the famous People magazine cover with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their twin kids? Upload your family photo into the ‘People’ template and feel like a celeb family! You are into music and pop culture? Then don’t hesitate to insert your photo into the Rolling Stone cover!

So have fun and feel like a celebrity! Stay tuned, more magazine templates are coming!

12 thoughts on “How to get on the cover of a famous magazine”

  1. I am 71. Your site, adding my daughter to the cover to Rolling Stone. Your site is fun and adds to the fun of the internet. Happy 2014. Kevin

  2. We are glad you liked our magazine cover templates. Where would you like to post your photo?

  3. Please make the cover of People magazine available again. My class is making Mother’s Day gifts and wants to use the cover for their mother’s pictures.

  4. Dear Connie,
    we had this template, but the trademark owners didn’t allow us to use it. So we had to delete this effect. Sorry and hope our other effects will help you to create perfect surprises for the upcoming holiday.

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