Making of Funny Pictures from Photos

There are lots of funny photo templates on (yep, the service has a self-explanatory name), and we’ve decided to make a review of the best of our effects. In this post you’ll find many funny pictures edited with our templates with comments telling in brief what we think about them.

Do not forget that you can apply any of the below mentioned templates by clicking on its image.

Tell Stories With Your Pictures

Use dual and triple photo frames to tell funny and exciting stories. E.g., here you see the “Unusual clients of a beauty salon” and “A very happy love story” photo stories presented in the way we speak about.

A triple photo frame is used to unite different photos into a funny photo story This funny love story is made with a dual photo collage template for loving couples


Make Funny Photobombs

Sometimes squirrels are so curious that they even watch TV with people. Is it true or false?

The Squirrel photo bomb template adds a curious squirrel to any photo

Well, it’s not exactly like that in reality. But the Squirrel Photobomb template makes it photorealistically possible!

Choose Your Type of Prince Charming

Are you making a funny greeting card for your girlfriend? Than look at these templates and choose what kind of a squire you are!

This face in hole template was used to make a funny Valentine greeting card An animated face in hole photo template is used to make this lovable and funny love greeting cardThis funny face in hole montage lets you add your face to a body of a brave man with huge muscles


Smart Guys are Sexy…

…and these templates prove this statement! Play a joke with your friend and share a picture with him surrounded by sexy girls.

A funny photo template with two sexy girls for guys A funny photo template of a humorous greeting card with a sexy girl

We have a similar template for girls as well. Girl, you are beautiful, even Santa is astonished (while he saw lots of attractive women in his long life).

A funny photo template for girls with Santa Claus and Christmas elves looking at a fake Playboy magazine


Templates for Couples

We have many funny photo templates and effects for couples, including these face in hole templates.

An unusual photo template for couples which turns you into a couple of loving felines
A funny face in hole effect for couples which turns people into a lovable apes

Make sure to check other photo effects for loved and loving ones on our Love and Romance page.

How Do You Look?

Distorting glasses and mirrors are funny even when they are imitated in photo templates! Do you agree?

This funny photo template adds the mood of beach and summer fun to your photos If you liked visiting the house of mirrors in childhood do it one more time with this unusual photo effect


Make Funny Editing Effects Combinations

Sometimes it’s a good idea to edit one photo with a few funny templates, just as we did with this photo of a little boy. We added hipster glasses and mustache to his face and after that placed his photo in the Wanted poster template.

This funny photo template adds glasses and mustache stickers to face photos A photo of a small boy was placed into the Wanted poster photo frame

We spiced the portrait photo of this attractive woman with a Wild Cat Face Painting effect. This funny editing turned the photo into a marvelous cover for a National Geographic magazine.

The cat make up photo effect was added to a photo of a beautiful blonde woman A portrait photo of attractive blonde woman was used as a cover photo with the help of a fake magazine cover template


Fantastic Transformations

There are many templates on which can turn you into a wild animal or a mysterious monster.

This face in hole template lets you add your face to a body of gorrila This Halloween vampire effect turns a person into a vampire with white fake vampire fangs
This funny and scarry Halloween photo template turns a person into an alien with black eyes and tattooed skin This face in hole effect adds your face to a koala body


Funny Animations

Animated .gif pictures are popular and so funny! Make your own unique .gif image and amaze your friends and subscribers.

This funny animated effect lets you make a gif. picture where somebody scans person's brains with a mobile phone This face in hole effect lets you make an animated ecard for your love


Get on Celebrity T-Shirts

We often wear T-shirts with celebrities photos printed on them. But what if everything were vice versa? Let’s find out! Choose one of the templates below and get on Jackie Chan’s or Lionel Messi’s T-shirts!

This funny effect lets you get on Jackie Chan's T-shirt This funny effect places your photo on Lionel Messi's T-shirt


Funny Photo Jokes

These templates were created for people with a good sense of humor. Are you one of them?

This photo effect lets you make funny cards for friends and relatives This funny effect places your face to a body of an old lady with hair rollers on her head

Become a divine divinity for a home-made prophet or get into an old lady’s shoes with these funny photo templates. You can also substitute the Benjamin Franklin’s face with your own on a $100 bill (make sure to check other money templates).

This photo template adds your face to a 100 dollar bill

That’s it for today but we’ll come back with a new post next week. If you are willing for another piece of reading devoted to photo editing, you can check such posts as Funny and Cool Face Montages and The Best Photo Effects for Hot Summer Photos.

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