Best Photo Effects for Hot Summer Photos

From this post, you’ll learn how to turn your hot summer photos into marvelous photo collages. The last summer month begins and you must have already taken lots of summer shots so far. Lets see how you can edit them.

A photo of two girls being photographed


How to Make Summer and Sea Photo Collages

Doing a photo collage, you can frame it with piquant photo frame or make an unusual collage. Here are two interesting frames from collection. Click a sample to apply the same photo frame to your own photo.

Photo of a happy couple near the sea with a summer frame applied Summer photo frame with sea, sand and a sea star in one masterpiece

And here are two summer style collages.

Photo collage with a happy couple, water pool and a red cat Photo collage with couple faces drawn in sand

You can also make an animated (.gif) picture out of your photo with the Waterfall photo template, or combine several photos into one image with the Bubbles on the beach template.

Animated .gif photo collage with a happy couple, staying under the waterfall Photo collage with a number of portraits photos united in one picture with sand, beach and water bubbles


Green Photo Frames for Kids

Summer is the time when green grass is lighted by bright sun rays. Apply green photo frames to photos of your little ones playing outside and you’ll get marvelous results.

Green football photo frame is applied to a photo of two boys playing outside Green photo frame with butterflies is applied to a photo of girls, playing in the rope park
Photo frame with bees is applied to cool child's photo Photo frame with anumals is a plied to a photo of a kid, eating water mellon


Photo Collages Which Present Summer Activities

These four photo templates illustrate different kinds of summer activities: fishing, yachting, traveling and sunbathing. To make a stunning profile picture choose one of the templates given below or look for your own template on

Photo frame that show fishing is applied to a photo of a girl Photo collage with a yacht and a young girl
Photo collage with a dog, traveling suitcase and a young boy Photo collage with funny girl and a wine glass


Exotic Animal Montages For People with Good Sense of Humour

These two templates let you join the wild world (well, at least in photos). Check our pick of funny photo collages for more fantastic templates.

Face in hole photo effect with happy couple turned into a a couple of red apes Face in hole photo effect with girls face placed into birds body


For Summer Girls

Haven’t been on vacation yet? It’s time to choose where to go: we all need and deserve a few days of rest. While you are thinking, make a marvelous profile picture with one of our face montages. Maybe, it will encourage you to choose a place to go.

Face in hole photo template for girls Face in hole photo effect: face is placed into models body
Face in hole photo effect with human face placed into models body Artistic photo effect turning photo to romantic sketch


What You Can Do with Landscape Summer Photos

While on vacation we often make landscape photos. If we go to a famous place we take photos that are the same as images shot by many other tourists. Let’s see how you can personalize your landscape masterpieces.

1) Add a sea style photo frame to marine landscapes to emphasize the ocean theme.

Onine nautical frame is applied to a photo of a yacht Digital ocean frame is applied to a photo of a lighthouse

2) Apply artistic photo filters which can turn a photo into a Van Gogh painting or into a piece of futuristic art.

Marine frame is applied to a photo of a yacht Digital ocean frame is applied to a photo of a lighthouse

You’ll find more artistic effects on the Art page on

3) Apply the Tilt shift effect and make a photo that reminds a scenery from a fairy-tale.

A tilt shift eefect is applied to a landscape scenery

For more templates check Travel&Vacation page on website.

That’s all for today. Hope you are having a great summer!

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