Unique E-Cards and Printable Projects for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in US is just one day away! Whether you live across the country or next door to your mom, be sure to send (or just give) a sweet card to her – it is a must. It is best to make something more personal and creative for her, rather than just pick a card at the store.  Here are some suggestions from Pho.to on how to create a unique card for your Mom.

If your Mom is into modern technologies and uses the Internet, it is a good idea to create a personal e-card for her at Pho.to. To create an e-card online, do the following:

1. Go to Funny.Pho.to and choose an e-card template from a vast collection of cute and fun e-card templates. There are plenty of them! We suggest the following:

  • E-card templates with hearts of all kinds. Heart is the symbol of love, so heart-themed templates are best to express your affection for your Mom. Click on an effect preview to create an e-card with this template:

  • Moms love flowers! Create cute e-cards with flowers of all kinds – roses, tulips, chamomiles…  Click on an effect preview below to create your own e-card:

  • There are also some sweet vintage e-card templates:

2. Upload a photo of your Mom (from your computer or via an URL).


3. Add a few personal words of love and affection to your e-card (type them in the ‘Add text’ field to the left of the resulting image):


4. Here you are! Save the resulting e-card to your hard drive and send it to your Mom via e-mail, or grab the link to the e-card (available via the ‘Share’ button), and send the link via ICQ, Skype, or other messaging clients.

But wait!.. Some templates at Funny.Pho.to are available in HD format. This means the result can be printed out in good quality! Creating a personal card and printing it out is a great idea, especially if your Mom is not into computers and stuff.

To create a project in HD quality and print it out, click on a preview below, upload your photo, as we described before (make sure the photo resolution is good enough to ensure high print quality), then save the result to your computer and print it out!

There is a decent choice of printable projects for Mother’s Day at Funny.Pho.to. We especially recommend the following:

  • Has your Mom ever wanted to have her portrait done? Turn her photo into a Hawaiian style portrait and print it out. She will be amazed!
  • Remember those days when your Mom used to tell you fairy tales before bed time? Upload her photo and make her look like a murtle tree fairy!
  • You can even print out a personal calendar with a family photo. Your Mom will love the idea of hanging up a calendar with a photo of someone she loves!

But wait… We’ve got even more ideas! If you are a Facebook user, create a cute e-card with the Pho.to Stickers app on Facebook. Upload your Mom’s photo and add beautiful stickers (hearts, flowers and other lovely elements) to it. The result can be sent via e-mail or even shared on your Mom’s wall (if she’s also on Facebook).

And one final tip: give your mother lots of kisses this day – she will love it! =)

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