Shooting Lovely Family Portraits

Two great family holidays are coming soon: Christmas and New Year. That is why we devote this article to taking joyous family portraits. The blog post contains a number of tips on posing and taking photos, that any photographer will find useful, including amateurs who prefer taking photos with their phone.

Snowmen family

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Can You Hear the Jingle Bells?

Christmas is just around the corner. Which is an excellent reason to make a small review of all the related effects on There are so many of them, that it’s quite easy to get lost – especially if you try to pick the templates for your best buddies in the last-minute rush. Most people seem to enjoy procrastination, waiting for the last minute to come (and sometimes we are not an exception), so we believe that this guide to holiday effects will come in handy, helping you find perfect effect for any person and create a unique greeting cards in no time.

1. All-Time Traditions: Classical Christmas Photo Effects

If you can make no mistake choose variants that are most common (and thus most probably be appreciated by 80% of people) for Christmas time. The signs of such templates are festive attributes: green tree, baubles, candles, bows, and certainly Santa.

Christmas Joy Little Polar Bear

Christmas Gift Christmas Bliss New Year Book Festive Fireworks Letter for Santa Christmas Bauble All Ready for Christmas

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Holidays are coming – meet them with Christmas Photo Frames for Android

It’s time to unpack your Santa Claus suit, put up holiday decorations and wrap presents for the dear ones. And it’s time to make annual Christmas photos! If you’ve got an Android phone, we have good news for you. We have updated Christmas Photo Frames app, so this year your pictures will look stunning.

Christmas Photo Frames Android app promo image

Get the new Christmas Photo Frames now and you’ll get the new effects! You’ll love ‘Christmas Joy’, ‘Snow Effect’, ‘White Rabbit’ and the rest of them. And if you’re into making calendars with your photos, you’ll notice that we have updated our calendar template for 2014.

Have a merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and beautiful photos this winter!

Quick Jump to Lab 2.1 on iOS

Every time we introduce a new version of any product we hope that you will find it as good and usable as we meant it to be. Today’s review is devoted to Lab for iPhone/iPad, recently updated to version 2.1. This new release is inspired by approaching Christmas days and adapted to cover your possible holiday needs for festive effects and templates.

First things first. This update comes with new sliding tabs on the home screen for quick access to favorite and holiday effects. Slide left to see most popular effects or slide right to see the best Christmas frames and filters. Lab 2.1 Continue reading Quick Jump to Lab 2.1 on iOS

All you wanted to know about silhouette photography, but were afraid to ask


What do you know about silhouette photography? Silhouettes definitely add a sense of mystery and intrigue to any image, so pictures with silhouettes always look very eye-catching. Do you think silhouette photos are tricky and complex to capture? They are actually not!

The team wants to share with you some useful tips for shooting silhouette photos. Let us start with the basic technical tips:

1. Get the right light!

Obviously, silhouette photos are all about back lighting. In other words, silhouette photography requires that back lighting is used. That is, the subject should always be between the photographer and the light source. How does that work? The basic idea is that the light coming from behind should be bright enough to make the silhouette completely black.

Silhouette of a woman

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What’s new in Lab 2.0 for iOS

Are you ready for major changes? Then meet redesigned from scratch and completely overhauled for iOS 7 Lab Free and PRO! We hope you will like new icon, appreciate large effects previews and enjoy improved navigation! Lab 2.0

  • Gastronomic ‘Food Frame’ effect in the ‘Amazing Frames’ for those who like cooking… and eating!
  • Cowboy Frame’ photorealistic montage for the rough guys. Insert your photo into it and get ready to feel the Western style!
  • Flag of USA’ and ‘Flag of UK’ effects will come in handy when expressing your patriotic feelings or supporting your favorite sports team. lab 2.0 new effects

More usability means more fun! Share your experiences with us! 😉 Lab for Android has found common ground with Facebook and Instagram!

Have you ever wanted to add extra flair to your Instagram or Facebook photos? Well, you can now! We have taught Lab how to process photos from social networks. You’re now able to have so much fun with them! You could create a new Facebook avatar in a matter of seconds. You could make funny face montages with photos from your friends’ Instagram albums. Oh, and you could get a few more likes for your old photos just by adding a new filter to them 😉

Promo banner showing the new icon of Lab

By the way, do you like the new Lab icon? It’s cute, it’s catchy and it’s just as playful as the old one. So give it a smile back and get down to processing your photos with Lab free or Lab PRO right now!

Female friendship photography. Tips and tricks for girlfriends photo shoot

Do you believe in female friendship? We do! No doubt, you have the best friend and share crazy, enormous and bright friendship. Are you always together, taking lots of funny photos with both of you and enjoying your time? Then pay attention to this article which is devoted to girlfriends photo shoots. We hope that you’ll like it and find some interesting tips to try with your friend. Read and comment, we do wait for your shots!

By the way, working on this article we asked our users to take a number of shots for it. Some of them are presented here!

Best friends


Emotions are the Main Spice

The secret ingredient of any photo hides in emotions. You can be sad or glad, calm or excited, but the main point is that you should be sincere. Look at photos of children: they have natural expressions in most images. Learn from kids. Remember: even simple photos will look great if you remain natural and emotional.

Laughing girls Happy friends
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Salt your Sky photos with special effects

We couldn’t help sharing this list of effects with those who tend to raise their camera up and capture the sky above, leaving pretty little space to the land, houses and trees.

Here’re 10 color and lighting filters to style up your sky photos:

1. Generally ‘Bokeh’ is known for blurring out-of-focus areas of an image. The ‘Light Bokeh’ effect by mixes blur with sunbeams making it perfect for photos of sunny skies.
Light Bokeh

2. Make your photo look more professional with the ‘Vignetting’ filter. It imitates effect with clear center and fade out edges (usually achieved by means of wide-angle lens) thus attracting attention of the viewer to the center of the image.
Vignetting Other filters

Your Guide to a Perfect Autumn Photoshoot

Colorful state of streets and parks inspires! If a single look out the window makes you long for going out and take a couple (of hundreds) of shots, this post has reached you right in time. Don’t miss the chance and let our tips and hints help you in getting the most out of your Autumn photoshoot.

Shooting Fall Photos: Timing (or catch the right light)!

Fall provides the softest lightning of all seasons, but mind the time: your perfect hours are in midday sun, i.e. between 11 am – 2 pm. When planning the photoshoot in the evening, you might need additional sources of light.

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