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Do you know why people don’t like sharing photos online? We can name quite a few reasons for this. Some of the photo sharing sites require registration, and it can be really tedious. Other services can downsize your pictures or demand a subscription fee. Besides, managing the pictures you have uploaded is definitely not an easy as pie task.

That’s why we have come up with! logo and key features

It’s so easy to use our service that you’ll get addicted to sharing your photos. In less than 10 minutes we will teach you to:

  • Upload your photos quickly and easily
  • Add captions to the photo set and individual photos
  • Share photos in all the ways possible
  • Easily manage the photo sets you have uploaded

Sample photo set on

Look how friendly and intuitive is. Let’s check it out together in 8 quick steps!

1. Go to and click Upload your photos

Now click the ‘Choose photos to upload’ button. You can add any number of photos at a time. Press Ctrl-key (or Cmd-key if you are on a Mac) and select all the files you want to upload. Or you can simply hold down the left mouse button and draw a rectangle. All the photos inside the rectangle will be added to your photo set. Then all the photos will be uploaded to our servers automatically.

Pick some photos from a folder

Tip: If you have picked the wrong picture click the recycle bin icon at the lower right corner. This photo will be removed from your photo set.

Remove the photos you do not want to share


2. Change the photos you are going to share.

You may want to add a few more photos to the set. Or you may want to delete some photos. Maybe you are just going to rearrange them. If you want to do anything of the above, press Edit at the top of the screen.

Edit the photos in your photo set

When you click it, you’ll have the following options:

  • ‘Add photos’ will help you if you want to upload a few more pictures to your photo set.
  • ‘Rearrange’ is he way to go if you want to change the order in which the photos will be showed.
  • ‘Delete’ is there to help you get rid of the whole photo set instantly.

Tip: if you want to delete a single photo instead of the whole photo set, click the recycle bin near the upper right corner of the photo. If you want to replace it with another picture, click the image icon. The original photo will be deleted from your photo set, and a new one will be uploaded instead.

Delete photos you don't want to share or replace them with other ones

Click the ‘Done’ button when you are ready!


3. The final touch: add a caption to your photo set and your photos.

Sometimes you want to label your photos with funny captions, add a background story or just indicate when and where a photo was taken.

You can add some text to the whole photo set and to an individual photo. If you want to write something, press Edit at the top of the screen. You’ll get numerous options to add your text, feel free to use one of them, all of them or any combination of them!

Add captions to the photos you have shared

Don’t forget to click ‘Done’ when you add all the text you wanted.

Tip: To make your photos look fabulous you can apply beautiful photo effects at Remember that a nice picture can tell a thousand words.


4. Your photo set is ready to share!

That is it, you are all done. Your brand-new album and all the photos have intuitive URLs starting with For example, our sample album URL is Your friends will immediately know if you send them photos by the way the link looks.

Share your photo set or any photo the way you prefer:

  • Copy and send a short link to your photo set or an individual photo
  • Share photos to your favorite social network in one click
  • Get an embed code for forums or websites

Many ways to share photos

Tip: You can share an individual photo from a photo set. Place your mouse cursor on the photo and you will see a panel with sharing options.

Share one photo of the photo set


5. Get feedback from your friends.

Your friends cannot add captions to photos, however, they can add comments to photo sets. We have set up a reliable comments system on Your friends can log in with their Twitter and Facebook accounts or post their comments as guests. It’s a fast and easy way to share your thoughts and emotions!

Adding comments is easy


6. Control your photo sets.

Only you can see the upper panel which gives you access to photo set editing. To have this access to the photo set admin options from everywhere, click Edit and open Admin area by clicking More. Then copy and save the ‘Permanent admin link’. If you try to open your photo set on another device or with another browser without using the permanent admin link, you will not get admin rights.

If you think that you might need to delete your photo set quickly you should save the ‘Permanent deletion link’. If you follow this link from any device your photo set is instantly deleted. Be careful as you cannot undo it!

Save these links


7. Download your photos.

You or any of your friends can download photo sets easily. When you click the ‘Download all’ button a download of your photo set compessed into a .zip archive will start. You can download a single photo if you place your mouse cursor on the photo and click the download icon.

Download photo sets and individual photos


8. Use on your phone.

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone you can create photo sets on the go. The apps are free and as easy to use as the web service is. Get on the App Store or download it from Google Play. for iOS

Share.Photo app for iOS QR code for Android app for Android QR code

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