World countries in frames and effects

Photo effects on come from different sources. Sometimes we take our own photos and turn them into photo frames or we can buy attractive images from photo stocks. In this post we’ve gathered effects that were inspired by different places from all over the world: beautiful countries and cities that we love and which we’ve already visited or we would like to see.

By the way, if you wish us to create an effect devoted to some particular place on Earth (or on Mars, or wherever else :)) be sure to tell us and we’ll do our best to design a corresponding photo effect.

Travel with photo frames and effects inspired by countries from all over the world

The Americas

Are you a fan of good old America and the romantic times of New World discovery? On you’ll find everything from brave Indians and cowboys to Mayan pyramids. Fits every taste!

Free online Native Indian face montage
Maya pyramid photo montage for all who like Indian cultureFree online cowboy photo frame
Free online picture frame that places your photo into the wanted poster


Here, you see effects that depict modern America. Now it’s easy to get on the dollar bill, become a star of the Thanksgiving Day parade (that takes place every year in New York) or place your images on the Times Square billboards. There is the USA flag face painting for all patriots, as well.

Put your face into the dollar bill online and for free
Become a star of Thanksgiving Day parade with this face photo montage Get on Times Square billboards with this free online photo montagePut on virtual face paint with USA flag online and for free. For real patriots!


Europe: United Kingdom, France, Greece, Italy, Prague…

We have a number of effects devoted to different European countries. As for Europe itself here you can see the Euro bill photo effect. Do you have any idea what else we should create to illustrate this part of the world?

Put your face into the euro bill online and for free


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Here you can see a number of effects for all fans of the United Kingdom, England, and Ireland. Wales, we are sorry but we’ll surely mend our ways in future and create some effects for you as well!

Travel photo frame with London bridge and a city bus

Add virtual face paint with a flag of England to your photosVirtual face paint with the flag of UK for all patriots of United Kingdom
Funny holiday photo frame with St. Patrick's green bear

Put on virtual makeup with flag of IrelandAdorn your portrait photos with St. Patrick's day hatPut on your face virtual face paint with flag of Ireland


No wonder that a number of romantic templates in were inspired by France, including the lovable ‘Paris’ photo background, artistic ‘Montmartre Artist’ photo montage, and the romantic ‘Airship over Paris’ photo frame. There are also a ‘French Franc’ template and ‘French Flag’ face painting for true patriots of France.

Paris airship photo montage

Change a photo background with scenes of ParisPut on flag of France as a virtual face paint
Place your photo into this artistic frame with Montmartre painter
Put your face into the french franc bill online and for free


Czech Republic
The beautiful, 621 meters-long Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s really an ideal place for those who need artistic inspiration as it’s decorated with 30 baroque-style statues. By the way, if you are going to visit Prague you can adorn your profile picture with the Czech Republic flag face painting. Do it to tell friends about your plans and just for fun.

Artistic photo frame with Charles bridge from Prague, Czech Republic Put on virtual face paint with flag of Czech Republic


This amazing country has an ancient history, splendid mythology, amazing shores, and a lot of other attractions. By the way, in Greece we took a photo and turned it into a beach photo frame with sand and shells. You can see it below!

Add virtual face paint with flag of Greece online and for free
Turn yourself into a Greek god with this Zeus face photo montage Beach photo frame with sea shells and coast sand


It’s easy to recognize these ‘Mona Lisa’ face montages and face painting with the Italian flag. But not all of you know that photos for two of our photo backgrounds, ‘Old Street Frame’ and ‘Old Cityscape’, were taken in Venice.



Are you a fan of Japanese culture? With you can instantly get on famous Tokyo billboards, become a ninja, turn your photo into a beautiful geisha’s embroidery, or paint Japan’s flag on your checks. Enjoy!

Ninja face in holeFlag of Japan virtual face paint
Geisha photo frame in Japanese styleTokyo night with billboards photo montage


Chinese people do like their pandas and we can’t help but share their feelings! Now everybody can reveal their inner cutie with a ‘Panda’ face photo montage. With other China-inspired effects from you can turn yourself into Jackie Chan’s best friend or create a hieroglyph mosaic from photos. By the way, this hieroglyph means ‘love’!

Make a romantic multiple collage from photos in the form of Love hieroglyph Turn yourself into realistic panda with this face photo montage
A fun photo montage with Jackie Chan


These three photo effects were created for all fans of Indian movies and culture. By the way, what do you think about Aishwarya Rai? Many name her one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Virtual face paint with flag of IndiaIndian cinema photo frame with famous actor Shah Rukh Khan/
Free photo frame with Aishwarya Rai


Arab World

If you like the 1001 nights (or at least its Disney version 😉 ) you should surely look at these photo effects that can turn you into an Eastern beauty or into a real jinni.

Become a real djinn with this face photo montage Turn yourself into an eastern beauty with this free online face photo montage


Africa and Egypt

There are a few photo effects on after African and Egyptian nature and cultures, including various human-to-animal photomontages. They are funny, indeed, aren’t they?

Gorilla face in holeLion face in hole
Photo montage with african statuettes and candlesDouble face in hole with meerkats
Sphinx face in hole for those who love Egypt


New Zealand & Australia

Scenes of New Zealand and Australia inspired us to design these fresh and sunny photo effects. What are your associations with these places?

Blue tropical sea photo frame
A beautiful photo montage with gorgeous wild nature Turn yourself into funny koala with this free online face photo montageThis magical forest frame looks very good with face photos


Come to think of it, did you know that legendary ‘Love is’ cartoon series was drawn in New Zealand? Thank you, Kim Casali!

Photo frame with characters from famous 'Love is' cartoon series Romantic photo frame designed after popular 'Love is' cartoon series



Russia is a huge country with lots of places to get inspiration from, including the famous Tretyakov State gallery, the beautiful Moscow capital, the funny Well, Just You Wait! animated series, and popular nesting dolls souvenirs. If you are going to Russia be sure to look for one of these funny dolls for yourself!

Put your face into Russian ruble
Place your photo into old Russian chervonets
Change photo background with scenes of Moscow cityTretyakov gallery photo frame
Put on virtual face painting with Russian flag
Just you wait animation photo montageNesting dolls face photo montage
Free photo background with Moscow attractions_


The North Pole

We could not forget the North Pole. Santa lives there together with funny penguins and gorgeous polar bears!

This north photo frame with polar bears can be used to make magnificent Christmas cards Santa with gifts face photo montage can be used to make funny Christmas cards for online and freeMake Christmas and New year cards with this realistic holiday photo montageFunny Christmas frame with penguins celebrating winter holidays


That’s it for today. Be sure to tell us about places you want us to add to this collection! If you like our stories subscribe to our news and tutorials on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram.

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