WOO-HOO! Cheers to the 33rd season!

As the new season of the epic The Simpsons series is approaching, yellow has all chances to become the new black. And with the latest update of our one-of-a-kind “simpsonizing” technology in ToonMe it is almost inevitable.

Back in December 2020 our team already introduced the very first version of AI-based “simpsonization” on Product Hunt, where it was very well-received. Even the founder Ryan Hoover applied it and enjoyed it among other users.

Since then we’ve been working on further improvement of this technology and changed it a lot. Better resemblance to original characters. More stable skin color – it may sound funny, but quite often yellow in the results was far from the original. Now it’s fixed. By the way, as a side note (and a sort of disclaimer) here, our AI still has only yellow skin in stock.

To sum it all up, here we are with the newest version, extremely lucky to be right on time for the premiere of the thirty-third season of the Simpsons. With just two days left, you can be the first to get yourself a true-to-life yellow look on ToonMe.com and our original apps.