Want your own branded photo effect? It’s a snap with PicBuzz!

Hi guys! Know what? We want everybody to benefit from our experience in creating photo effects of all kinds. So we created PicBuzz. What’s PicBuzz? It is a web-based solution that lets anybody create various photo templates using an easy visual-based interface. You are free to use PicBuzz to promote your creativity or boost your business.

Here are just a few examples of how you can benefit from PicBuzz:

  • Boost your business with branded photo effects. PicBuzz offers great promotion opportunities for your business. Grow your brand awareness and attract more clients by letting your users spread your brand with their photos. Engage your customers and interact with friends through tailor-made branded photo effects. Read more about how your business can benefit with PicBuzz here.

  • Promote your creativity. If you are a designer, PicBuzz is what the doctor ordered to take your creativity to the next level! Imagine a tool that will let you create photo templates of all kinds (collages, filters & effects, face-in-hole montages and more) and build them into a mobile app that can be easily shared with anybody, without the need to hire a staff of developers or testers. Your art will probably be used by millions! Read more about this opportunity on PicBuzz website.

  • Show your support for anything you like. Express your devotion to whatever or whoever you are a fan of – whether it is a sports team, a celeb, a cat breed or a car brand =) Let other fans, supporters and admirers spread the buzz on social media!

Moreover, we’ve made a free iOS app that hosts all templates created by PicBuzz users – this makes it easy for them to share effects with their clients, customers and supporters.

Feel free to create, share and inspire with PicBuzz!

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