The Spookiest Face Photo Transformations for Your Halloween Night

This year is not like others. Mainly because we are working much harder to let themed effects see both the web and mobile apps in good time for events they’re initially planned for. For a spoon is dear when lunch time is near, right? We must say that we’ve made ends meet for Halloween and ready to introduce you all new (and some good old) ways to make your face scary for the upcoming witchy night.

New photo effects for Halloween on

Two of our latest arrivals are inspired by science fiction and robot building. They are robot face masks coming from absolutely different centuries. One will turn you into vintage Steampunk robot, the other will reveal the modern model of a humanoid robot in you leaving half of your face untouched.

An image of steampunk robot, created of user's photoA mask of modern robot added to user's photo online


Our most terrific face montages that also make the impossible possible are going to explode your head or magically imprint your facial expression on your hands:

Head explosion is faked in a photo of a smiling manHands over Face photo effect created on


On Halloween night you may be interested in turning yourself into a demon or vampire. Easy-peasy!

A beautiful girl with demon eyes, added to the photo onlineA scary man with vampire fangs added online


Besides with another of our latest arrivals you can easily become an alien, Just like one of those from Men in Black movies:

A person is turned into alien with the help of virtual face montage

For more effects check Halloween tag on And have the spookiest night ever!

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